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    Intern Blog: The Perfect 'Fit

    Intern Blog: The Perfect 'Fit

    First, I would like to fully disclose that I am a fashion lover and footwear collector. Believe it or not, slides are becoming a thing of the present. It’s all about comfort and style. Just look at all the high end brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and others, adding them to their collections. Being a design intern at ISlide, I get to see so many cool ideas and creations that our customers come up with. Personally, in order to find the perfect “fit”, I like to make sure my outfit looks great with my slides. Finding the perfect “fit” is more than just an outfit it is about finding what you love to wear. The slides I designed is what I love and describes me in a small aspect.

    What makes ISlide so special is that I wouldn’t be able to pull off my outfits, especially my perfect “fit”, with any other generic slide. ISlide gives myself along with everyone else the freedom and ability to create something that means a lot. I love being able to make my entire outfit unique with my custom pair of slides. At ISlide you get to create what makes the perfect “fit” for you whether you’re a Lakers fan, showing love to your college, or starting your own brand and wanting to see it flourish on your feet. ISlides not only add swag to your outfit, they show who you are as a person.

    This blog was written by Julian Smith-Sparks

    Intern Blog: Why ISlides Should Be Your Go-To Footwear

    Intern Blog: Why ISlides Should Be Your Go-To Footwear

    Before this summer, I hated wearing slides. I had tried wearing a variety of styles, brands, and designs but each left me equally disappointed with fit and quality. However, my pair of ISlides completely restored my faith in this type of footwear, and I have loved sporting them all spring.

    ISlide’s unique footbed played a large role in my initial liking of the shoe. As intriguing as it is to look at and touch with you hands, it is comfortable and supportive. The underside of the strap also contributes to the comfortableness, as it is covered in a thick pad and sprayed with antimicrobial spray to keep the stink away (key for that summer feet heat). However, the aspect of the slide that really got me hooked was the adjustable strap. This is the biggest perk for me, as I previously disliked slides because they never seemed to stay on my feet. However, my ISlides stay on perfectly all day and I NEVER have to re-adjust them (unless I want to rock some socks with them)!

    In addition to the comfort factor, ISlides can really be the pop your outfit may need! For example, many of us frequently opt for black and neutral clothing colors for practical reasons; consequently, this often leads to our outfits looking bland and boring. ISlides can offer a simple fix to this problem, with ten colors to choose from and an unlimited amount of design ideas, your outfit will be anything but bland. Personally, I love pairing my tiffany blue slides with a groutfit to spice up my lazy look and make it feel fun.

    Lastly, and most importantly, ISlides is the only slide in the game that you can completely customize. This feature allows you to express yourself in any way—color and design— or as we like to say, “stand in what you stand for.” Even if you’re not the creative type, you can browse through our hundreds of options until you find a pair that reflects YOU. This could be sporting a pair featuring your favorite NBA team or player, some 90’s inspired cartoons that capture your childhood, or a pattern that represents your personality. Fortunately, the options are endless!

    This blog post was written by Amy Hunter, a sales intern at ISlide this summer. She is visiting the Dominican Republic this week and is excited to show off her slides there, so be sure to check in for some awesome pictures!

    National Slide Day Recap

    On Thursday, June 21st, the rest of the “sane” world along with ISlide celebrated National Slide Day! A holiday that holds a special place in the hearts of slide lovers across the world, but a particularly special place for the ISlide team. For 5 years now, the ISlide team has shared their passion for comfortable, stylish, quality slides with the world through innovation and creativity. To celebrate we took some time during the afternoon to come together, eat, and party.  Check out the awesome photos we took that day!

    And it wouldn’t have been a party without a (cookie) cake, of course!

    We wanted to let everybody in on the celebration with us, so we decided to give the people what they want, which is a discount! Additionally, we donated over 1,600 pairs of our slides to the Salvation Army and to the hundreds of children who attend Camp Wonderland.

    Slides are some of the best footwear for both comfort and style. Here at ISlide, we have been working with world class designers and engineers to build the most comfortable footbed imaginable. With our easy-to-use online customizer, customers are given the tools to build any slide that they can think of and stand in what they stand for. We take so much pride in celebrating National Slide Day because we take so much pride in everything that we do. And hey, it's always nice to have an excuse to eat a piece of cookie cake!

    Intern Blog: 8 Ways ISlides Make Your Life Better

    All you ISlide owners out there have probably experienced these perks and for anyone who doesn't own a pair, here are 8 ways your life will be enhanced with your own pair of ISlides.

    1. ISlides make you unique. Nobody has designs like us AND you can customize your own pair. In fact, we recommend that you customize your own (that’s the main reason our company is so cool). Either way, ISlides allow you to be the unique person you are and Stand In What You Stand For.
    1. You receive instant comfort. Our signature massaging footbed will have you never wearing shoes again. Just kidding, obviously you will still have to wear shoes sometimes, but ISlides will become your goto footwear.
    1. Slides are IN and ISlides are the most stylish slides in the game. You’re gonna be turning even more heads than you already are when you strut into a room.
    1. You get to choose whether you wear socks or not. If you wear shoes, socks are a must, but if you’re not feelling socks some days, no worries you can rock your slides with or without socks.
    1. ISlides go with any outfit. Pants and slides, shorts and slides, socks, no socks, even suits and slides... anything you can think of will be positively complimented by a pair of ISlides.
    1. ISlides are the best conversation starter. The uniqueness of every pair will have your family, friends, and new people you meet, asking how you got such cool slides or maybe why you created the pair you did!
    1. They save time. You won’t have to put on socks, shoes, or tie laces, and you won’t have to choose which pair of shoes go well with my outfit. Slipping on my slides saves me time whenever I would normally put on shoes and I also get an extra five minutes of sleep each night and those five minutes feel like five hours when I wake up in the morning.
    1. You will be a more relaxed person. Whether you have the luxury of wearing slides at work or not, everyone has the ability to wear them after work and all throughout the weekend. If you throw on slides during these times, you will see results in your relaxation.

    My name is Thomas Gresser, and I am a marketing intern at ISlide. I have been here for five weeks now and have had the privilege of wearing slides to work every day. Throughout my short career at ISlide, I have quickly seen why slides are constantly worn. Besides the fact that we make them and we are proud of them, all of the reasons above and many more prove why ISlides make our lives better.