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    Miami Heat Item of The Game: Small Business, Major Win

    Miami Heat Item of The Game: Small Business, Major Win

    For the second year in a row, we were proud to be a part of the Miami Heat's Item of The Game promotion.


    Miami Heat's Item of the Game promotion gives fans in the arena a special discount for the duration of the game and this year we "stood" out in the pro shop to say the least. 

    Check out the clips our CEO got while catching the moment. 



    Your Canvas

    Your Canvas

    For the past 5 years, we've spent countless hours brainstorming, creating, and perfecting slides for our customers to wear. Over the years we've learned which colors should stick around year-round and which ones are most appreciated during certain times (among a few hundred other things). We even changed the game with the introduction of wave gels a few years ago..but this year we're taking it to a whole new level.

    During the month of November, we released a new slide every Friday, as part of our “Your Canvas.” campaign and with the releases of our latest color, we can assure you that next week won't be one to miss. 

    So catch up on all the artist highlights that we've already launched and get ready for the biggest change in the slide game since wave gel. 


    Megan Carty  Full Collection: http://bit.ly/CartyCollection

    Demetri Espinosa Full Collection: http://bit.ly/EspinosaCollection

    Bedelyn Dabel Full Collection: http://bit.ly/FLECollection

    Your Canvas: Purple

    Your Canvas: Purple

    To launch our new purple colorway, we teamed up with local artist, Bedelyn Dabel. Believe it or not, we actually found him through Instagram! Once we saw his artwork and style, we knew we had to bring him in for a design session. 


    With a unique style of art and what we know will become one of Instagram's favorite characters, "FLÉ" dominates Bedelyn's collection in a range of colors and different emotions. 

    In short, Bedelyn's art style "bridges the gap between a graffiti artist and an Illustrator."

     Check out Bedelyn's full collection in the link below and check out what he created during his time at the Lab. 



    Veterans Day Spotlight: Antonio from Operations


    November 11th: Today is the one day each year that we Americans set aside to honor our nation’s heroes- the Veterans who served and currently serve in the United States Military. Today is the day dedicated to honoring those men and women who answered the call and carry the Stars & Stripes with them forever. However, today is only 24 hours long.

    At ISlide, we strive to remember the sacrifices our Veterans make on a daily basis, not taking for granted the liberties and freedoms we enjoy, both as a business and as individuals. Our rights and freedoms are only made possible through the strength and commitment of those few who serve our country. Antonio, one member of our ISlide Family, served his country in the U.S. Army, and shared his story with us.

    Please remember to take a moment out of your day to thank a veteran. Not just today, but every day. And on behalf of the entire ISlide Family, I would like to say to all those who served- THANK YOU and WE SALUTE YOU.

    Your Canvas: Green

    Your Canvas: Green

     We linked up with local student and artist, Demetri Espinosa for an epic collaboration on our newest colorway...green. 


    This week's featured artist is, Demetri Espinosa. A current student at Mass Art, Demetri spends a lot of his free time honing his craft. 

    In short Demetri's work is "primarily abstract. I make short, purposeful gestures, which amount to a sort of visual conflict or energy. It’s a reflection of my environment and my lived experience within it, moment to moment."

     Check out Demetri's full collection in the link below and check out what he created during his time at the Lab.