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    Creating Efficiency in an ECommerce Startup

    ecommerce islide channels inventory SAP customizable

    Before we get into everything about our Ecommerce efficiency, first let me tell you a little about myself. I started with ISlide back in 2013 as an intern. I worked here for six months before going back to finish up school. After graduating school in 2016, I returned to work at the Norwood office. I’ve seen our process and organization change hundreds of times, and I think we finally found the right order. Our setup and system of processing is as efficient as ever and ready to take us into the future with success.

    Our general operations flow runs with ease. It begins with printing out the order form, which goes to the art/design team to touch up the designs, then through our specialized printing process. Finally, the slides are taken and packed up by our trusty warehouse crew.

    Every movement and process within that chain has been planned out, reviewed, and tested to make sure we aren't wasting any unnecessary time.

    Since moving into the new Boston office, we've set up all of our inventory in the same place for the first time ever. We changed our layout from rows to columns, to make picking our inventory even more efficient.

    My team has consistently asked me what has been the greatest change, and it's without a doubt adding SAP Business One. We installed SAP Business One this past year, and it’s been an incredible way for us to capture data about ourselves that we didn’t have in the past. We try to use data as much as possible to help us make decisions. I'm a huge fan of SAP Business One because it vastly improves our ability to track what inventory we've sold.

    Each product we sell is taken from the same color stock, (we only keep blank inventory in house), and deducted from the same "blank" product. Before SAP Business One, our system was unable to sync our product sales to the "blank" product so keeping track of it was very difficult.

    Now we're able to use SAP Business One to analyze our sales and refine our inventory orders. This makes sure we don't stock too much of a single slide, and also helps us ensure that we have enough of all our slide colors and sizes. 

    It took a few different strategies in the midst of spiking growth, put we’re finally as efficient as we have always wanted to be. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop there though. We’re always working to improve our system as we grow.

    Let me know how your company has improved efficiency! 

    ecommerce islide slides sandals customizable

    Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry. 

    Let's Go To College

    Let's Go To College

    Over the past five years, we have made many strategic decisions on how best to grow the company. And over the past 3-4 months, we have made college and universities a priority for us at ISlide. The biggest question is, what took us so long?

    Well, it’s not that easy.

    College Football Alabama Colorado USC ASU Minnesota Ohio State

    We initially started with a NBA License in 2015 and it went well. I wouldn't say we blew it out of the water but it was certainly worth extending for another three years and I'm glad we did. It continues to be a huge success. As we grow into the next chapter of our company, our focus should be college. College kids live in sweats and slides. The college licensing world is also a beast and took us a while to really wrap our arms around it. With various licensing agencies, buying institutions, and independents looking for "easy wins," we had to have a clear strategy before diving into our next major initiative.

    Alabama Football Basketball Volleyball Roll Tide Slide Sandals

    As a company we have employed two approaches to the college world. The first, which is the most obvious, is applying for licensing at each school directly. This is what we have been doing with Michigan State, Alabama, and LSU to name a few. Once we get designs approved, they go live on our website and are available for anybody to purchase. And today we can add The Ohio State University to the mix, another major school that we are excited to have on our team.

    Our second strategy is more complicated. In the fall, ISlide partnered with a sales agency to sell directly into campus local shops and bookstores. Under this approach, we are able to get into retail outlets without having to go through the time-consuming process of obtaining each individual collegiate license and selling into each account.

    USC California Los Angeles Slide Sandals Trojans Football Basketball

    The market for college gear is something that will always be there for us. There will always be a continual re-supply of customers demanding college gear as new students are being accepted and attending these schools every year. However, ISlide does not believe “grabbing a piece” of the college apparel market is enough. The college market is something that we fully plan on dominating, and it all begins with licensing.

    The "athleisure" world we live in isn't going away for a while and we know people LOVE their college. Whether they are lifelong fans, part of a club or varsity team, or even an alumnus, people have so much pride in their school. They also identify heavily with everything that speaks to their campus. With our mantra of Stand In What You Stand For, we couldn't ask for a better marriage.

    Six Tips for Taking Photos of Your Slides

    Six Tips for Taking Photos of Your Slides

    Author: Emily Host 

    We all love to show off our hottest new gear. You can either share with your family on Facebook or "flex for the ‘gram" to do it. Everything needs to be perfect for your post though from the angle down to the caption. But getting the perfect picture – with or without your feet – isn’t always the easiest. And we get that. 

    The process of shooting slides can sometimes be delicate but no worries, we’ll have you prepared. Now you can show everyone that you’re standing in what you stand for with your best foot (feet) forward.

    1. Be Creative

    It’s your unique pair of slides, make your photo unique too! Now’s the time to flaunt your hidden skills with camera.

    2. Check your Background

    You want your slides to stand out from everything - not blend in. Make your slides pop.

    3. Make sure your lighting is on point

    The better the lighting, the better the photo. The best way to do this is if there is natural lighting.

    4. Focus

    Make sure your slides are in focus and you don’t have any shaky cam going on. It’s hard to see your design and the photo just doesn’t look that clean if it’s blurry.

    5. Composition

    Don’t make the photo too cluttered, you’re trying to showcase your custom slides. Don’t have a mess of stuff going on around them.

    6. Take Care of Your Feet

    **This one applies to if you’re taking a photo with your slides on.** Just remember… you’re showing the world your feet. You’re the famous model of your own photoshoot so treat yourself to a nice pedicure before you snap a pic.




    Now with all these tips you’re ready to show the world your style. You’re practically an expert now. Impress your family and friends with these professional looking pictures that will have them wanting a pair for themselves!

    We trust you to make sure none of your friends or family are taking crummy photos of their beautiful slides too. You can teach them our six tips or even send them over a link to the blog so they can learn themselves.

    **Dylan Botelho also contributed to this blog**

    The FAQ's about the FAQ's

    We know you’re curious about our product. Often times customers contact customer service with questions about their custom made slides. In order to save you some time though, we took some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here in the blog!

    If you still have any other questions not answered here, send an email over to or call us at (781) 352-0677.

    Before we get into any frequently asked customization and shipping questions, Let’s cover sizing. You want to make sure your slides fit correctly! If you follow our tips and size chart, they’ll fit perfectly on your foot!

    The ISlideUSA size chart runs by men’s sizes. Our slides however, don’t come in half sizes. For men, if you’re a half size, we recommend you round up to the next highest full size.

    Since we run men’s sizes, we recommend that women go down one full size. If you too are a half size, go down one full size and a half.

    Our ISlide’s sizes 3 through 6 fit true to Youth sizes 3 through 6.

    Here’s our Size Chart for reference. You’ll also find the size chart before designing your custom slides on our website.

    Speaking of custom slides… we know a lot of you are wondering exactly what you can and can’t put on your slides.

    The usage of inappropriate language or designs is NOT allowed. ISlide reserves the right to refuse orders based on the usage of any inappropriate material or any trademark infringes.

    Trademarks that we have the licenses to are Nickelodeon, TMNT, various colleges including Alabama and LSU (you can find the full list here), and the NBA.

    ISlide’s licensing deal with the NBA allows us to use all of 30 teams logos as well as all the Hardwood Classic Logos. However, there are some restrictions when using NBA logos on your custom slides. Along with explicit language or designs, Emoji’s cannot be used with NBA logos.

    Once you get your design approved and shipped out you’re going to want them in your hands as soon as possible right? Custom orders placed on are created within 5-10 business days and then shipping estimates are based on their destination. International shipping to Canada and the United Kingdom will usually take around two weeks. If you’re ordering from the rest of Europe or Australia and Asia, the wait could be as long as 3 weeks.

    Since they are place in a higher quantity, Bulk Team Orders take slightly longer to ship. 1 thru 50 pairs will take 5-10 business days to print plus the shipping estimate. 50+ pairs however, will take 7-14 business days to print plus the shipping estimate.

    To keep up to date on when your slides will be delivered, you’ll receive a tracking number in an email to the email address used for shipping on the order. Then, you can head on over to and insert your order number and email to lookup your order.

    In case you need your slides any earlier, you can contact for information on Overnight or Expedited shipping.

    Since orders are custom fit and designed for each customer, they cannot be canceled once placed. Changes can only be made to your order if Customer Services reaches out to you about any issues such as those mentioned earlier.  


    **Intern Dylan Botelho helped contribute**