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    ISlide Spotlight Vol. 3

    ISlide Spotlight Vol. 3

    Hello world, ISlide Spotlight is back and we’re here for you. We’ve got mind-altering new designs that’ll make your living room feel like the inside of a VW van in the 70s, as well some dope winning designs from our #DailyCustomContest.

    Oh, you haven’t heard? We’re giving away free slides. Every. Single. Day. Every day! Head to our customizer here to start your design, then screenshot it, and tag us @islideusa on Instagram to enter! Daily submissions are unlimited. 


    Tie Dye 

    Guys, I am absolutely pumped for this collection. The tie-dye is fresh as hell if you ask me. We got full bleed, we got clips, we got orange and pink! We’re a goddamn one stop shop. 

    #DailyCustomContest Winners

    Let me give a big thank you to everyone that has created a submission for our #DailyCustomContest! We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you, and if you haven’t won yet, be sure to keep entering because some exciting things are coming up this month…




    It Just Got Better 

    We’re making our #DailyCustomContest prize just got a liiiittle bit better. Once a week, we’ll be choosing a random day to give that day’s winner not only a free pair of ISlides, but also an ISlide sweatshirt, hat, and sticker pack. We also may have something delicious cooking for the 20th of April...stay tuned and check back.






    NFL Draft

    The NFL Draft will be held virtually this year due to COVID-19, but we want to make sure you’re still able to get your favorite team's new rookie on a pair of slides. Let us know which soon to be NFL rookie players you want us to design. We want our DMs to be popping so please let us know! (Anyone else thinking Tua in powder blue?)





    Stand In What You Stand For are six words that we live by at ISlide -- we also live by helping others that need it most. Due to recent school closings from the COVID-19 pandemic, many Boston area youth are at risk of going hungry

    Our Community Needs Help

    For low-income students, healthy school food matters: more than 400,000 students in Massachusetts rely on school meals for half their daily nutrients. This is why we are taking action. We are committed to supporting Project Bread's efforts during this critical time in our community.

    Project Bread is working around the clock -- at the individual, community, and state levels -- to respond to the needs of our community and ensure no one goes hungry during this period of public health and economic crisis. 

    Our pledge to help make a difference

    Join us to help make a difference! Every pair sold will provide meals to those that need it most. We are donating 10% of the profits from every sale to Project Bread and their COVID-19 Rapid Response efforts. Funds raised will go directly to Project Bread and their effort to help those most impacted by school closings. Currently, there are more than 1,200 meal sites operating that need ongoing support.

    To learn more about Project Bread's ongoing efforts, get involved, or to donate click here.


    Shop Now to help ensure no one goes hungry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.




    BOSTON (March 26, 2020) --  With so much talk about NBA players giving back to unemployed staff at arenas across the country, Miami Heat player Jae Crowder is making sure the immense challenges small businesses are currently facing are not forgotten. One of Crowder’s recent investments is Boston-based custom slide sandal company ISlide. Despite having significant growth in its first seven years of business, ISlide has not escaped the business challenges that this unprecedented pandemic has created. 

    ISlide is not alone in feeling the overall impact of decreased sales, reduced hours and layoffs, which for any growing company is likely its biggest competition to date. On top of Crowder’s initial corporate investment, this $15,000 will go directly to the ISlide workers who are affected during this time.

    “For me it’s about giving back to those that need it,” said Crowder. “I was a big fan of ISlide long before I was an investor, and to see the potential negative business impact from this outbreak compelled me to help in any way I could. Like many of my peers, it was a no-brainer for me.”

    “This is uncharted territory for us. We, like many other small businesses, have never experienced

    anything like this in our lifetime,” said Justin Kittredge, Founder, and CEO. “We’ve always believed in the power of creativity, that it can be therapeutic and help people get through difficult times. Our number one goal is to continue to serve our customers, partners, teams and the entire ISlide community, all while ensuring the safety of our office working conditions and factory employees. Fortunately, we have some amazing investors, like Jae (Crowder), on our team that are willing to step up and help during this incredibly challenging time.

    Stand In What You Stand For

    Founded in 2013, by footwear industry veteran, Justin Kittredge, ISlide has been the global leader in slide footwear innovation by offering 100% custom design capabilities, as well as world-renowned licenses. ISlide custom footwear has been seen on the feet of countless athletes and celebrities

    WHO STAND IN WHAT THEY STAND FOR,  including Lebron James, Rob Gronkowski, Sidney Crosby, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber, and more. ISlide who created DJ Khaled's famous "Another One" and "Bless Up" sandals fuses fashion with athletics by partnering with the NBA, MLB, NFLPA, NHL, WNBA, Overwatch League, Def Jam Records, and others to create officially licensed custom designs. 

    For more information or to get started on your pair of ISlide’s visit

    To stay up to date, follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Media Contact: 

    Greg McEachern

    Head of Marketing, ISlide

    ISlide Spotlight Vol. 2

    ISlide Spotlight Vol. 2


     Hey, it’s you. Thanks for checking out the second volume of ISlide Spotlight. This week, we’re talking sick designs, the year's strange (or lack thereof) March Madness, and dancing* shoes. What could be better? 


    Custom Designs



    @kblashphotography: I stand in what I stand for, therefore I stand in my ISlides to travel the world.




    @runningwmusic: Love sliding into ISlides post run. Instant relief to my feet and a little post workout massage as I go about my day. Awesome for recovery.




    @beniciarebels: Our players love their ISlides! They have been an excellent addition to our organization uniform package. These slides are not only comfortable but have the added bonus of being personalized. We would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.



    March Madness

    Normally I'd be telling you to fill out your brackets and get your bet slips ready because March Madness is (almost) here, but this year the NCAA tournament has been suspended, along with the NBA. Since you're missing your basketball fix, we suggest you watch the basketball movies More Than A Game and Space Jam instead. We're also gonna give you some dope slides to watch them in. 


















    Put on your Dancing* shoes...

    Did we say dancing? Sorry, we meant *drinking. Drinking shoes. Did you know we have drinking shoes? Well, now you do. Drink and dance in comfort.












    Don't forget to #StandInWhatYouStandFor on your pictures for the chance to be featured. I'll leave you with this: wash your hands and wear your slides. 

    10 Ways to Stay Creative While Quarantined

    1. Inspo

    See what others are doing to get yourself inspired. There's nothing like successfully replicating a food recipe! Check out Twitter and Instagram hashtags like #WFH.

    2. Doodle

    Pull out a notebook and pencil to get going. Who may make something you want to put on a pair of ISlides! 

    3. NFL Game Pass

    The NFL announced they’ll be giving away NFL Game Pass for free through May 31st. Relive the classics and NFL Films productions like Hard Knocks, all for free. 



    4. Take a Walk

    Get a change of scenery and some fresh air. Bring your dog! Don't have a dog? Use a friend's dog! Don't have a friend? That's sad....BUT If you're in some of the warmer parts of the country, you can wear your ISlides and snap some pictures! We'd love to feature you on our social platforms. 


    5. Watch Nickelodeon

    Catch up on all those cartoons you used to love as a kid, or introduce your kids to some of your old favorites. We're big fans of Rocket Power and Rugrats!


     6. Color

    Stuck inside with the kids? Have them color a picture, take a photo, then upload it to our Customizer to print their photo on a pair of slides.


    7. Game

    The NBA is suspended so some players have taken to their gaming consoles for competition on NBA 2K. Others have been simulating NFL free agency moves with Madden. Did we mention slides are great gaming shoes? 



    8. Make a Tik Tok

    Shameless? Of course. Ridiculous? Maybe. A lot of fun? Definitely. You may even go viral. 

    9. At-Home Workout

    Lots of studios, apps, and trainers are offering free live workout classes for free to do in your own home. Stay connected while keeping your mind and body fit.

    10. Support Each Other

    Most importantly, in times like these, we must come together as a community to help each other out when and where we can. If you are able, please support places like your local food bank.


    Start your design now!