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    Why Shark Week Is The Best Week

    Why Shark Week Is The Best Week

    Shark Week is the beloved time of year when the Discovery Channel goes insane and plays non-stop shark related episodes for a week straight. From survivor stories to behavioral studies to marine biology research expeditions, Discovery Channel captures it all. Now we all know that the main purpose of the week is to educate the public about sharks, their current state, and prove that these intimidating animals aren’t the scary and vicious monsters that movies make them out to be. Sharks have developed the reputation of killers because of movies like “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “The Shallows,” however, worldwide, there is an average of only 83 shark attacks per year and just 6 of them result in a fatality. Meanwhile, roughly 100 million sharks are killed by humans each year. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go jump right into shark infested water, but we shouldn’t be killing sharks out of fear, because the odds are in your favor!

    I don’t know about you, but when I see an 18 foot, 2,000 pound shark next to an average sized human, my mind is blown! It’s important that we learn that these animals aren’t all bite. Throughout Shark Week, we get to see sharks up close and personal in their natural habitat. They pretty much mind their own business even when surrounded by people and cameras

    To make the best week of the year even better, Shark Week is filled with tons of celebrities! This year Aaron Rodgers, Rob Gronkowski, Lindsey Vonn, Shaq, Guy Fieri, Bear Grylls, and Ronda Rousey all made special appearances. If you think it’s fun to watch Gronk on the field, then you have no idea what’s in store for you watching him on Shark Week…plus he wore ISlides!

    Okay... I’ll admit there are a few weeks throughout the year that rival Shark Week. My favorites are the first week of march madness, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah, however Shark Week puts them all to shame. As a self proclaimed Shark Week expert, let me tell you that anyone who ever tells you that any given week is better than Shark Week is wrong. There’s simply nothing like it. Shark Week is not only informational but it’s also extremely interesting and exciting! If you have never watched before, then you’re missing out and should go back and watch everything because it’s worth it.

    This blog was written by social media intern, Rachel Goose.

    ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village

    ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village
    Monday, July 23rd, the whole ISlide team headed to mountains of Hubbardston, MA to spend a day with the dedicated and passionate youth of the Ron Burton Training Village….and of course we didn’t come empty handed as each camper received a custom pair of slides along with a speech and Q and A with the ISlide Janitor, Justin Kittredge himself.

    Read more

    Be The Next ISlide College Ambassador!

    Be The Next ISlide College Ambassador!

    As we continue to grow and get the comfiest slides in the world to as many people as possible, we’re starting to realize we may need a little help from some of our college friends. That’s where you (or someone you know) come in.

    ISlide is in a very special class, being a start-up footwear company heading into the second half of our first decade. One of our next goals, is to flood college campuses across America with custom sandals! But we’re not looking for just anybody, we want motivated, creative, and fun students who love social media, creating content, making money, and of course, ISlide.  

    College ambassadors will be decked out appropriately with t shirts, hats, socks, slides, and more.

    Ambassadors will get an opportunity to be apart of one of the hottest footwear companies and gain valuable business experience. Please submit inquiries to the link below.

    Apply to become a College Ambassador on your campus here -http://bit.ly/ISlideCollegeAmbassador

    Download the full position description here - https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1159/1216/files/College_AmbassadorProgram.pdf?18171809252815057668

    Intern Blog: 10 Things Every Intern Has Felt While Working At ISlide

    Working at ISlide has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. Since the first day, each of us have felt all types of feelings, feelings that have made every day unique and special. Like every past intern, before starting the internship, we felt anxiety, we didn’t know how anything worked or what to expect, and we also experienced great fear of failure. However, as time went by, we discovered that we are here to learn, and it doesn't make any sense to worry about doing something wrong because we learn from our mistakes and turn them into something valuable.

    Moreover, at ISlide everyone has felt part of a family, useful, trusted and respected. Every task assigned, every responsibility accomplished gives us that feeling of satisfaction knowing that we are growing alongside with the company’s goals.  

    We also feel challenged confronting ourselves with things I am pretty sure none of us were used to. ISlide is giving us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone, however we feel welcomed and comfortable at the same time. As a result, we are so grateful for the preparation we are receiving for our futures every day, not only in the business world, but also on a personal level.

    This blog was written by sales intern, Kelly Arango.

    Gronk Goes Sliding With Sharks

    Gronk Goes Sliding With Sharks

    Photo by Ben Lowy from ESPN

    This offseason, future NFL Hall Of Fame tight end and party animal, Rob Gronkowski, put the upcoming NFL season on the line by swimming with over a dozen sharks in the Bahamas. As most of us know, Gronk is a bit of an enigma. One day he’s catching clutch TD’s from the Greatest Quarterback of all time, the next, he’s beginning a WWE career, and now, he’s swimming with sharks.

    What’s not to be missed, is the fact that throughout his trip to the Caribbean to film a shark week special, Gronk was sure to stay in style, rocking his custom Gronk Fitness ISlides the whole time. These custom Gronk Fitness ISlides can be seen on the feet of almost every Gronkowski brother or on celebrities’ social media, including Camille Kostek, who recently posted on her instagram story, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.