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    ISlide College Colors Day Contest


    College may look different this year, but wherever the year takes you, rep your school colors with pride. We’re celebrating the day by making new, Limited Edition ISlide Family T-Shirts in your school colors. Here’s how to enter your school to win. 


    1. Follow @islideusa on Instagram.
    2. Take a pic or video in your College Colors (no ISlides required)
    3. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #CollegeColorsDay and tag @islideusa.

    The school with either the most submissions OR the most pairs sold will win the ISlide Family T-shirts made in their colors. 

    School Pride                                               ISlide Pride 


    NFLPA Emoji MVP Candidates


    To celebrate our new NFLPA Emoji Collection, we decided to break down which Emojis may be trending towards an MVP award this season. Check it out to see if your favorite player is on our list. If he’s not, let us know why he should be.  

    5) Lamar Jackson

    As the reigning MVP, Lamar’s got our #BigTruzz that he’ll have another winning season, but with a full year on tape for other teams to study, he may be due for some regression.



    via GIPHY



    4) Russell Wilson

    Russ would be higher on this list if his Emoji were wearing a chef’s hat and apron. #LetRussCook. We’re talking to you, Pete Carroll. 



    via GIPHY



    3) Kyler Murray

    Kyler’s Emoji has a headband and is cute like Baby Yoda. Kliff Kingsbury is one lucky guy.



    This is the way. (inspired by Seahawks Twitter, I know) : AZCardinals


    2) Dak Prescott 

    Dak may not have been rewarded with a contract extension, but Jerry did give him his own Emoji. Oh, and CeeDee Lamb, too. 



    via GIPHY



    1) Patrick Mahomes 

      Pat got his own Emoji (with a headband) and a massive contract extension this offseason. Don’t tell Dak. 



    via GIPHY




    ISlide Partners with the Jimmy Fund

    As part of our new #PairsWithPurpose initiative, we’re honored to announce our newest partnership with Dana Faber and The Jimmy Fund. From collections to events, to exclusive patient designs - we’re excited to begin working with such an impactful organization that so well aligns with #StandInWhatYouStandFor.

    Since its founding in 1947, Dana-Farber has been committed to providing adults and children with cancer with the best treatment available today while developing tomorrow's cures through cutting-edge research.


    Founded in Boston, The Jimmy Fund Dana-Farber fights against cancer, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research. The Jimmy Fund is a grassroots movement: thousands of people organizing bake sales, lemonade stands, runs, walks, golf tournaments, dances, and softball games to bring their community together and raise funds. The Jimmy Fund is an official charity of the Boston Red Sox, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Pan-Mass Challenge, and the Variety Children's Charity of New England.


    Learn More about The Jimmy Fund

    To give back, shop the collection now.

    How ISlide Employees are Working From Home

    The Coronavirus pandemic sent ISlide employees from our desks in Hyde Park to living rooms and home offices across Massachusetts and the world. COVID-19 may have scattered ISlide employees, but the spirit and culture of ISlide is alive as ever. Here’s how ISlide employees are making their WFH experience special.

    Sam Pease, Product Director

    Sam has used his extra time to dive into gardening. When starting his day, Sam says, “I like to go through my email, and make sure I have no pressing requests. Then I like to take a look at my garden, and see how my vegetables look.” And although Sam feels equally productive at home as at the office, he misses face-to-face interaction with his coworkers as it’s “definitely beneficial for collaborative work.”

    “Working from home is nice because my wife is a nurse, and she's home some days. I love getting to have lunch with her.”

    Tyler Nordquist Licensing Manager and Dylan Quint, Sales Associate Team Dealer Accounts

    Both Tyler and Dylan are Work From Home converts. Dylan enjoys the opportunity to “ spend quality times with the boysss.” The two enjoy a cup of coffee together in the morning (while Tyler answers the 30 emails he gets from JK sent at 6am)  and a workout break at midday. 

    “It’s nice to get a break to take a walk or workout which ends up making me more productive throughout the day once I get a breather.”

    The two love the flexibility of working from home. With no commute, they have more time for work and other activities. It’s clear that the two will incorporate virtual workdays into their schedule going forward.

    Stephen “Bas” Basden, Brand Manager

    Like many ISlide employees, Bas enjoys a cup of coffee and the outdoors in the morning before his daily Zoom calls and to-dos. One struggle he faces is the lack of a work-from-home space in his rented apartment. Although Bas can’t wait to get back to the office full time, he has made work from home more fun with his ISlides.

    “Dedicated slides for...everything. I have a pair for each makeshift workstation (kitchen, bedroom, living room) as well as a "step outside pair", drinking coffee pair, snack break pair. The list goes on and on.”


    Marjorie “Jojo” Juste

    Jojo is making the best of her time working virtually. She starts her day by answering the sales call line and responding to customer inquiries. With fewer distractions, Jojo is able to get more work done in closing sales and speaking with her customers on the phone. For Jojo, the worst part is missing the “laughs and conversations at the office with the whole team.” But that doesn’t stop her from having fun:

    “I have my speakers set up around my work space and just play Beyoncé and old school music while I dive into work. It really helps me stay focused and calm when I have a huge workload for the day. I would say the "JoYonce" in me comes out during these times and in private.”


    Marlowe Scott, Sales Associate

    Marlowe is enjoying a life without rush-hour traffic while working from home and saving on gas money. He starts his day with coffee and a shower before starting on bulk submissions and customer follow ups. He makes his space special by playing music and adding a scent to his diffuser. Although he likes working from home, he does miss being in the office.

    "The worst parts are not having daily in-person interactions with the team and after work pickup games."


    Joscelyn Paglia, Marketing Intern

    As a marketing intern, Joscelyn’s summer has been different than originally expected, however, she has made the most of it. Although she wishes she could bounce more ideas off her coworkers, Joscelyn loves using the 30 minutes she saves on the commute to get extra sleep. Joscelyn also has made her impromptu office her own.

    “I like to keep my workspace organized and put my legs up and stretch out!”

    Joscelyn returns to the University of Miami in the fall for her senior year. She is looking forward to being back on campus.


    Are you feeling a Work From Home funk? Make your workspace special with a super comfortable pair of ISlides. Shop now!

     Use code WFH25 for 25% OFF your next purchase.

    Written by: Laura Kirchner

    How to Have the Perfect Stay-Cation

    COVID-19 may have cancelled your summer trips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable vacation from the comfort of your own home. So slip on your favorite pair of ISlides and follow our 10 tips on having the perfect stay-cation this summer: 

    Order In

    Support your favorite local restaurant by ordering a special take-out feast. Travel the would of food by trying new cuisines every night. It’s too hot to cook, anyways. 

    Get out and explore nature

    Take time away from your busy life to explore the great outdoors. Go on a hike, take a bike ride, or simply lounge in your own backyard. Spend some time with the people you love and bask in nature's wonders. 

    Cool down

    Whether it be at the pool, the beach, or at home with the garden hose, it’s easy to forget there’s a pandemic when you’re having fun (at a distance of course).

    Go to the movies, right from your own house.

    Pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and put on your favorite flick. Whether it’s an action, comedy, or mystery, a movie is the best way to escape the horror that is 2020.

    Have an at-home spa day

    What better way to relax and put your mind at ease than to pamper yourself. Take a bath or find recipes to make homemade soaps and scrubs. 


    Take some time away from your emails, calls and social media to simply relax. You’re on vacation, there’s no time for work. 

    Learn a new skill

    Time to learn a new skill! Everyone has that one project that they have always said they want to take up but never had the time. Whether it's painting, knitting, reading a new book, or experimenting with making drinks, now is the time to act on that hobby of yours that you never got around to before.

    Take some travel inspired pictures

    Dawn your favorite outfit (complete with a pair of ISlides) and take some travel-inspired photos that will make all your followers jealous.

    Make some music

    Although concerts are canceled this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live music. Invite some friends and neighbors over for a distanced at-home concert, right from your front porch. 

    Go play

    From indoor board games to fun in the yard, there are countless ways to keep yourself entertained. So, grab the family and strike up a friendly competition.

    Design a custom pair of slides.

    Make staying home stylish. Be sure to design a pair of custom ISlides to stand in what you stand for all summer long. You design it, we build it.

    While you’re relaxing at home, be sure to wear your ISlides for the ultimate comfort and style. Design your own or Shop our summer collection now.

    Written by: Laura Kirchner and Joscelyn Paglia