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    ISlide Experience: BearDaBeast

    ISlide Experience: BearDaBeast

    Earlier this season, Minnesota Timberwolves NBA 2KL gamer Michael 'BearDaBeast' Key, flew into headquarters to create some unique designs for his squad. 

    Check out how it all went down below!

    My 5 Favorite Places to Visit in the Summer

    Written by Intern Cassie Lane
    Summer Ride
    The days may be longer, but the summer months just seem way too short. Time flies when you know you’ve got to go back to school in less than two months... I always try to make the most of my summers, whether checking off my bucket list and exploring new places, or revisiting some of my favorite spots and keeping up with my summertime traditions. 
    Whether it be a full day of sun, sand, and seagulls, or a walk through quaint, down-town shops, there is so much to do, but so little time! It doesn’t help that my to-do list seems to be growing exponentially each summer… So, in the spirit of taking advantage of the few warm, sunny days we have here in New England, I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite places to go during the summer! 
    1. York, Maine
     My family and I have been going to York since I was 2 years old. But it’s not just the nostalgia and sentimental memories that make this one of my all-time favorite summer destinations. York is home to two beautiful beaches: Long Sands Beach and Short Sands Beach. Long Sands is perfect for taking long walks, swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, while Short Sands has a playground, amusement park, and arcade on its shore. Downtown York boasts cute shops, quaint boutiques, and delicious seaside restaurants. And you just can’t beat watching the sunset on the rocks of Nubble Lighthouse as you enjoy a cone from Dunne’s Ice Cream. 
    1. Rockport, Massachusetts
     There is just something so charming about this little coastal town. Not only are the streets lined with endearing boutiques and gift shops for all things knick-knacks, candy, and gifts galore, but Rockport is also home to an incredible number of artists. From photography and pottery to original paintings, there is a vast array of galleries lining the streets, inviting you to admire the unique and extraordinary artwork. Known as a fishing town, Rockport is also noted for the abundance of sailboats along its rock jetty and of course, its fresh, delicious seafood. 
    1. Newport, Rhode Island
     If you’re looking for a more ritzy getaway, Newport is the place for you. Decorating the coasts and inner mainland are some of the most beautiful and lavish seaside mansions I’ve ever seen. Not only can you enjoy walking around and looking at these luxurious homes, but you can even take public tours through them! Who wouldn’t want to pretend to be rich for a day? Newport is also known for its abundance of beaches; one of my favorites is Second Beach. This long stretch of shore is perfect for sunbathing, beachcombing, taking long walks, and better yet, the water can actually feel pretty warm if you go at just the right time! The seashore elegance continues as you explore the downtown shops and restaurants lining the harbor, and if it’s serenity that you’re craving, then the 3.5-mile Cliff Walk is your perfect mix of sea breeze, peace, and vast ocean views. 
    1. Chatham, Massachusetts
     There’s a reason that Cape Cod is one of the most popular summer destinations here in New England. Chatham is a quaint seaside town on the southeastern tip of the Cape and is known for its beaches, bays, and downtown shops. Lighthouse Beach is my personal favorite. Not only do you get to take a long walk along the bending shore, but you can also admire Chatham’s landmark lighthouse. While the beaches might not be the best for swimming (cue the “Jaws” theme song), I absolutely love riding my bike through the quiet, charming streets of Chatham, admiring the beachy homes and making a few pit-stops at the gift shops, candy stores, and cafes. And there’s no shortage of ice cream shops and seafood restaurants here! I highly recommend The Chatham Squire. 
    1. Boston, Massachusetts
     Let’s be honest, Boston is a fantastic place to visit during any season. But it’s especially great during the summer. Whether it’s taking a stroll through the Commons and enjoying a glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade, going for a ride on the famous Duck Tour, or exploring all the stores and restaurants at Faneuil Hall, there are so many ways to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather here. And even though Boston isn’t a beach, it still comes equipped with an ocean view and sea breeze down by the harbor. The Harborwalk lets you walk along the piers and shorelines so you can still get a taste of the ocean in the city!  
    No matter where you end up going this summer, don’t leave your slides behind! You’ll want to be as comfortable and stylish as possible to really make the most out of your summer days. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

    July ISlide Hero of the Month: My'Kel McMillen

    This month's ISlide Hero is a young man from Boston, inspired to make a change in his community through selfless giving and relationship building. Nominated by his lifelong friend, Keandre Stanton, My'Kel 'Corey' McMillen has spent his last few years helping those in need by providing necessary items for free. 



    “Mack’s Soles” was born in January 2017 in honor of My'Kel's late father, Charles “Mack” McMillen. In his own words..."My father enjoyed walking no matter the distance and was always talking about having good quality shoes that were comfortable for the journey. He was someone who you could label a “giver”. If he could help anyone, he did, that was his character. It did not matter if he was at work or in the community he was that type of person. As the saying goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

    I found myself helping and connecting with folks who were homeless or struggling to make ends meet like most of us. When you hear the word homeless, what comes to mind? Perhaps an individual in need of shelter, food and maybe money to help them along the way. I felt in some ways that the majority of these needs were being met, however one thing was missing… Footwear! From shelter to shelter, one corner to the other, the majority of homeless people walk to get to where they’re going.

    I know that a pair of shoes is not the solution to the problem of homelessness, but maybe it is the solution to the beginning of a movement to raise awareness and to begin to build a more caring community. What do we want as a society and what do we need as a society? And that’s what I am striving to change; the mindset that we have adopted over time that has disconnected a lot of us from engaging with the real world. Mack’s Soles services in the Greater Boston Area and is always collecting donations all year round."



    10 Back to School Essentials (Dorm Room Edition)

    Written by Intern Kevin Luu 
    classromm slides

    Everyone has their own “essentials” that they need for their dorm rooms to start the school year off right. This blog will give you a list of what I think are the main necessities for surviving the challenges and unknowns that school can throw at you. In addition to this list, there are still many things that students will need for their dorm rooms.

    1. ISlides- Sandals are essential for walking around the dorm comfortably as well as in the shower. If you want your feet to be clean and comfortable, get yourself a pair of ISlides to wear around. 
    2. Laptop- Nowadays, everything done at school is online so laptops are critical to have an effective college experience. Without one, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with what you have to do.
    3. Headphones- Headphones are great for when you want to block out the distractions around you and focus on your work. There are many different kinds of headphones in the market, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Music is a great stress-reliever that has the ability to get students through heavy workloads.
    4. Reusable Water Bottle- Society is moving towards a more sustainable future. Plastic water bottles can easily be eliminated if people start using more reusable water bottles so that waste doesn’t build up. 
    5. Chargers- Electronics can be found just about everywhere in our lives. Chargers are essential for keeping your electronics like phones and laptops charged and ready to use for class and other extracurriculars. Forgetting your charger can be devastating.
    6. Mattress Topper- We all know dorm mattresses are very uncomfortable. That’s why mattress toppers are a must-have if you are trying to have a good sleep throughout the school year.
    7. Posters, Pictures, or Other Decorations- All students should design and decorate their rooms to reflect who they are. A dorm room is a chance for students to be free and adventurous. Design your room to your liking.
    8. Medicine- Living in residence halls in college means living with a lot of people and germs. Sometimes students get sick, which is why you should always have emergency medicine in the room, just in case.
    9. Snacks- Everyone gets hungry from time to time so it doesn’t hurt to be fully stocked with snacks that you and your friends can have whenever you feel like it.
    10. Speaker- Sometimes you might want to blast some music and relax with friends. A portable speaker is a great way to jam out and dance. It’s never a good time without a speaker blasting your favorite music.

    The Gronk Experience

    Written by Intern Ben Skinner

    Earlier this year on June 8th I was given the amazing opportunity of going to Rob Gronkowski’s pro football camp in Woburn, Massachusetts with ISlide. In Just my second week working here at ISlide as a summer marketing intern -- I was standing a few short feet from one of my favorite football players of all time. It was a surreal experience. 

    Gronk Slides
    For those who don’t know, a Pro Camp with a famous athlete generally consists of a fun-packed weekend with a couple of hundred kids that get to run around, meet, compete in drills, and play with the athlete one on one. Now imagine that athlete is Rob Gronkowski, arguably one of the most lovable athletes with incredible energy that the sports realm has seen. It is safe to say that every kid there had an absolute ball. 
    We were set up on the very last table in the corner, but that did not stop us from attracting a hefty flow of families and kids to our table all day long. On our table, we had a Gronk camp Big-ISlide as seen below. It was a huge hit! Kids and adults alike would come up from all directions just to feel, hold, and take pictures with the big slide. My job was to deliver all of the pre-ordered custom slides to the families that ordered pairs with the Gronk Camp logo on top and personalized names and numbers on the sides. Here at ISlide, we have such a fast process and turnaround that we were able to offer these slides on our website only a few days before the camp started and still had all of the orders ready for pickup that Saturday.
    Gronk Big Slide
    Another big aspect of my job there was to successfully turn the curious people seeking out the big slide into customers. This turned out to be quite an easy task because the camp attendees immediately fell in love with our product. Not only for the design and personal customization, but also the amazing comfort and feel. My job quickly turned into processing orders on my phone in real-time as fast as I possibly could -- as the seemingly never-ending line of eager customers kept pouring in.Our ISlides make the perfect keepsake and gift for an awesome event such as Gronk’s ProCamp. The kids absolutely loved them. It’s the perfect memento for the kids to remember their amazing weekend with Gronk. Best of all, when they are all done playing -- they have an awesome new pair of slides to slip into when they take off their cleats. For more insight into the event, watch our recap video of this amazing event on our youtube page. Who is your favorite athlete that you’d like to meet someday?