Since Isaiah Thomas joined the NBA in 2011 he has been committed to giving back, especially to kids. Growing up in Tacoma, WA, Isaiah was a mainstay at his local Boys and Girls Club and People’s Community Center. He saw firsthand how important it is to have positive influences in your life and a place to lean on for support and now seeks to provide the same type of support in the communities that are important to him.

With programs in Boston, MA and Tacoma, WA, Isaiah ultimately aims to be a mentor and help children as they diligently pursue their goals.


I.T.HELPDESK aims to impact children of all ages through mentorship efforts focused on education and health and fitness. It seeks to provide help to those who are facing specific obstacles impeding their ability to achieve their goals. Like Isaiah who has exceeded expectations, I.T. HELPDESK will help them overcome challenges and experience success.

Funds raised under the community platform will be donated to the Isaiah Thomas Family Giving Fund.

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What is ISlide4Good?

ISlide4Good is a campaign program that helps brings awareness and fundraising to sport-based non-profits locally and around the country. Each quarter, ISlide teams up with a new organization, and gives them the opportunity to sell their own unique ISlides. The organization receives $20 from each of their own slides they sell, as well as $4 from ALL custom pairs that are made on! We challenge you to step your slide game up, get comfortable, and do it for all good cause!