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    We are a premium custom athletic slide company that does things different.
    Our sole purpose is to let people stand in what they stand for.  We do this through our signature high quality, customizable slides.  Our customization capabilities allow us to fuse fashion and sport into one product.  We strive to be different, taking pride in the innovative ways that we are constantly changing the slide game. The bonus? Giving people the opportunity to wear the most comfortable slide possible. Whether it's pre-game, post-game, or relaxing at home, ISlide is the new staple.
    ISlide was founded by Justin Kittredge, a 13 year footwear industry veteran. We strive to enable consumers to create their own design on high quality, athletic sandals that showcase individual expression and self-representation. The customizable sandals offer the designed Relief Pro Lining [pronounced ripple] footbed technology - a wave-like, antimicrobial foam footbed designed to help feet recover after workouts.
    Each pair also includes a a signature sneaker inspired outsole and an ultra-soft, lyrca adjustable strap to ensure a smooth, comfortable fit.  With big and small box retailers buying into the product, ISlide sandals are also entirely customizable via our online, fully responsive website enabling all consumers to choose from 8+ colorways (always adding more), upload and position logos and personal I.D.s, add graphics, and choose from endless different color options. 
    In 2015, ISlide debuted their newest model, the Waves Gel.  In a series of three strategic summer launches, the company took the industry by storm with their newest innovative model.  
    As a company that is always trying to innovate and push limits, Waves Gel does both of those, and still keeps it comfy (and believe us, they are very, very comfy). 
    What makes these slides so different is the patent-pending Waves Gel footbed design, that looks and feels like nothing before. The gel cushions your foot while you walk, absorbing shock and rejuvenating muscles. Inspired by the idea of walking on water, the wave-like design instills this feeling from the moment you put them on. Waves Gel is not only a revolutionary improvement to the slide sandal, but forever changes how we perceive comfort, quality and style.
    We are here to help create, connect, and inspire you to be yourself.  Stand in what you stand for.