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    Blog — summer

    Top 10 Beach Essentials for Summer 2019

    Written by Alex Balerna, Summer 2019 Intern 
    summer 2019

    The official start to summer was June 21st, meaning we need to start getting our beach essentials together as fast as possible for the rest of the summer! Typically when you go to the beach, you want to get all your stuff together the night before so you can leave right in the morning to get there before the crowds. I like to pick out a bathing suit and beach outfit the night before while also making sure I have everything I need: 

    1. Sunglasses
    2. A hat
    3. Sunscreen
    4. Water bottle
    5. Headphones
    6. A towel
    7. Beach chair
    8. An umbrella
    9. A book
    10. My custom ISlides

    I love our Summer Pattern collection- some of my favorites are the Flamingos, Sailboats, and the Spongebob Pineapple Sky slides. They have so many great and unique patterns for summer that it’s honestly hard to choose a top three. 

    So anyway, when I wake up the next morning, I’ll get ready and have everything together while also definitely grabbing snacks so we can leave for the beach! But the biggest question of the day is: What beach and where? For me personally, there are two best beaches. One of my favorite beaches is Mayflower Beach, in Cape Cod, specifically in Dennis, MA. I love Mayflower because it’s a really big, nice family beach and I always run into someone I know walking by since, for me personally, a lot of my friends love going to the Cape during the summer just like I do! There’s nothing better than laying down at Mayflower on your towel, with your sunglasses on, and just relaxing and listening to the beach waves crashing in the distance, that’s for sure. 

    My second favorite beach is Sachuest Beach, or as I call it Second Beach, which is down in Middletown, RI, next to Newport. The Newport/Middletown area is one of my favorite spots because it’s extremely nice and has really cute stores and restaurants to visit while there on vacation or even just a day trip. Second Beach is one of my go-to beaches that has plenty of parking, nice outdoor showers, and even a snack bar that’s right next to the parking lot and easily accessible whenever you get hungry on the beach. However, the water there tends to be pretty chilly, but on a super-hot day it is exactly what you need to cool down and relax. I personally prefer to bring a chair to this beach over a towel, especially if I go in the water a lot because it’s just overall more comfortable and prevents everything from getting really sandy. My ISlides are a great addition for the beach in general as well, because they are super easy to slide on and off and are comfortable to walk on (even in the sand!). 

    Overall, having everything you need for the beach is absolutely essential, so make sure to pack everything I listed (and maybe more) before you leave, because there’s no turning back once you’re on the road. Comment some things on your beach essentials list or maybe a few things I forgot that I should add to mine myself! I hope this blog helps you remember some things you might not think of for the beach, and definitely make sure to try out Mayflower and Second Beach sometime before the summer ends!

    I Slide For #5 : Grace // Alma Mater

    I Slide For #5 : Grace // Alma Mater

    Colgate University has been my home for the past four years. Although unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first, Colgate became my home away from home and my happy place. Between classes that both challenged me and enlightened me, to my best friends in the universe, Colgate has given me both knowledge and memories that I will never forget. From watching the sunset on top of the hill to driving past fields and fields of cows to jumping in the reservoir, Upstate New York is a place that I will always treasure. 

    All of this combined inspired me to put Colgate on my first pair of slides. They remind me of an amazing four year experience, but also remind me in this new chapter of my life at ISlide that change is good and exciting. ISlide has been a great experience so far, and I have learned so much in only five weeks. I am excited to see what my future at ISlide holds, but I know that I will always have my memories at Colgate with me too.

    Sweet Summertime

    Sweet Summertime

    Summer essentials include: nice weather, a cold drink, and a great pair of slides. We can can help with the last one.

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