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    Blog — slides

    Seafoam - Making Waves Year Round

    Seafoam - Making Waves Year Round

    For the last 6 years, our main focus has been providing creative colors and superior slide comfort that allows you to proudly Stand In What You Stand For. 

    At the conclusion of the oceanic eco-cycle lays seafoamA sensation caused by waves. 

    With the release of our newest color, Seafoam, we want to inspire people to not only continue to do just that but to bring that energy, that ‘vibe’, that organic matter that you’re so deeply passionate about; everywhere!

    It’s often said that your “beach” is simply your happy place. A place where negativity has no home because of the space occupied by your favorite things.  Whether your beach is a secluded lake in the Rocky Mountains, a lined field under Friday Night Lights, or a sandy beach on Cape Cod, we want to encourage you to take your beach with you everywhere you go.

    You can shop the full Seafoam Collection here:



    Customizing Valentines Day

    Customizing Valentines Day

    The normal customs of Valentine’s day are obvious to most. Writing cards to your class, candy, and a dinner date with a movie have been the go-to’s for many Americans on February 14th.The fun of Valentine’s day has been stripped from the new generation in Boston schools with the ban of Valentine’s day parties. Teachers are asking parents to send their kids into school with origami instead of continuing the tradition of candy hearts and cards on valentine’s day. There is no doubt that Valentine’s day parties have lived in our childhood memories for years, but our culture is surely shifting away from these traditions. Skipping the flowers and chocolates and getting creative with Valentine’s day has also been on the rise. Valentine’s day has taken on a new meaning for most; one that Is more personal and less glued to tradition.

                Lately, Valentine’s day has been about making new memories, but just like ISlide stays rooted in its humble beginnings, my favorite memory of Valentine’s day will always triumph over those of the new age Valentine’s Day. My memory of opening cards from each of my elementary school classmates will always hold sentimental value to me when February rolls around. Whether it be taking a break during the day for candy, or awaiting a love letter from your crush, elementary school valentine’s day parties will always hold the most nostalgic and pure meaning for me.

                Cultural shifts surrounding Valentine’s day have most likely thrown many gift givers for a loop, leaving them wondering what the best gift to give would be. This year, customize your Valentine’s day with a hot pair of ISlides that your significant other will fall head over heels for, and never forget to stand in what you stand for!




    ISlide releases brand new NBA “Stand for your City” Playoff designs for each city

    The 2018 ISlide x NBA Playoff Collection is inspired by each city’s culture and history of their fan base. Throughout history, NBA teams have embraced the resilience, culture, grit, and nature of their respective cities. This embracing of culture has long created and inspired team mantras as each season they’ve begun their quest for a NBA Championship. 



    Whether it’s Philly’s dedication to staying united through the rebuilding process or Golden State’s constant sentiment that strength is in numbers, each team’s logo is reimagined and redesigned incorporating these mantras...allowing you to Stand For Your City with your favorite team.



    Hear what others are saying about the 2018 “Stand For Your City” Collection.




    Release: April 12, 2018 


    ISlide Experience: Corey Gilkey

    ISlide Experience: Corey Gilkey

    Corey Gilkey, owner of Leaders sneaker boutique in Chicago, visits ISlide headquarters


    Last Thursday, Corey Gilkey, owner of one of the top sneaker boutiques in Chicago, Leaders, stopped by headquarters for an ISlide Experience. From friendly competition on the court to creative brainstorming with our lead designer off the court, Corey got to experience what it means to be a part of the #ISlideFamily. We even set up a little birthday celebration (ISlide style of course) to cap off our day. Check out the full recap above and get a glimpse into the ISlide Experience for yourself.

    Be sure to stay tuned for later episodes as we introduce new competitions and welcome more special guests to the ISlide headquarters!


    *The ISlide Experience is hosted at ISlide Headquarters in Boston, MA via invite only. Guest(s) get a chance to check out our new home, see exclusive upcoming designs, brainstorm future collection ideas, sit and talk with the ISlide Janitor Justin Kittredge, and create their own custom pair on site.

    Let's Go To College

    Let's Go To College

    Over the past five years, we have made many strategic decisions on how best to grow the company. And over the past 3-4 months, we have made college and universities a priority for us at ISlide. The biggest question is, what took us so long?

    Well, it’s not that easy.

    College Football Alabama Colorado USC ASU Minnesota Ohio State

    We initially started with a NBA License in 2015 and it went well. I wouldn't say we blew it out of the water but it was certainly worth extending for another three years and I'm glad we did. It continues to be a huge success. As we grow into the next chapter of our company, our focus should be college. College kids live in sweats and slides. The college licensing world is also a beast and took us a while to really wrap our arms around it. With various licensing agencies, buying institutions, and independents looking for "easy wins," we had to have a clear strategy before diving into our next major initiative.

    Alabama Football Basketball Volleyball Roll Tide Slide Sandals

    As a company we have employed two approaches to the college world. The first, which is the most obvious, is applying for licensing at each school directly. This is what we have been doing with Michigan State, Alabama, and LSU to name a few. Once we get designs approved, they go live on our website and are available for anybody to purchase. And today we can add The Ohio State University to the mix, another major school that we are excited to have on our team.

    Our second strategy is more complicated. In the fall, ISlide partnered with a sales agency to sell directly into campus local shops and bookstores. Under this approach, we are able to get into retail outlets without having to go through the time-consuming process of obtaining each individual collegiate license and selling into each account.

    USC California Los Angeles Slide Sandals Trojans Football Basketball

    The market for college gear is something that will always be there for us. There will always be a continual re-supply of customers demanding college gear as new students are being accepted and attending these schools every year. However, ISlide does not believe “grabbing a piece” of the college apparel market is enough. The college market is something that we fully plan on dominating, and it all begins with licensing.

    The "athleisure" world we live in isn't going away for a while and we know people LOVE their college. Whether they are lifelong fans, part of a club or varsity team, or even an alumnus, people have so much pride in their school. They also identify heavily with everything that speaks to their campus. With our mantra of Stand In What You Stand For, we couldn't ask for a better marriage.


    Stand In What You Stand For - JK