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    Your Canvas: Pink Release

    Your Canvas: Pink Release

    During the month of November, ISlide will be releasing a new slide every week,  as part of their “Your Canvas.” campaign. Every Friday in November you can expect something new with the final reveal of ISlide’s biggest product development to date on Black Friday. 


    The first featured artist is comtemporary painter, Megan Carty. She's been honing her artistic skills for 26 years through abstract creations that have been featured in publications around the country. 

    "My painting practice is the key (to) finding my place in harmony and purpose while connecting and relating with others. Making abstract floral paintings allows me to illustrate how my brain feels in coping with depression and anxiety…there are wonderful bright colorful parts and there are withered brown tangled or barren parts. It is not all black and empty; rather, cluttered and messy and a little overwhelmed! But there is plenty of beauty in my "brain bouquet" and I'm grateful for that! I’d like my art to be a symbol of triumph and hope for anyone who can relate to these challenges and remember we are not alone!"

     Check out Megan's full collection in the link below



    My Top 5 Children's Books

    Call me a nerd, call me a bookworm, call me whatever you want, but I really do love reading and it all started when my mom would read children’s books to me when I was younger. I’ve always enjoyed the escape that a great story can provide you. I still enjoy that escape, but what I’ve come to really enjoy is reading to my niece Finley, who might only be 10 months old, but is quite the bookworm herself. Because of this, I’ve been enthralled in the world of ABCs, rhyming books, picture books, and everything in between. So here it is, my top 5 children’s books, in no particular order (except for Good Night Moon being #1 because it always has been and always will be my favorite).



    • Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown / Pictures by Clement Hurd – I used to read this every single night before bed (there also might still be a copy in my bedside table at this very moment). I had this book memorized from cover to cover when I was younger and it was the first book I ever called my ‘favorite’.


    • Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt – This is my niece Finley’s favorite book and since she has me wrapped around her finger it is only fitting that it makes the list. This book is always a fun read for kids because you get to follow and act along with the characters, Paul and Judy, as they do different activities, for example, pat the bunny.  


    • James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl – I might not be reading this to Finley quite yet, but I have always enjoyed the magical worlds that Roald Dahl was able to create. Remember how I said I enjoyed the escape reading a book can bring? Roald Dahl creates different worlds in all of his books that you can truly dive into and get lost in.


    • The Mitten by Jan Brett – When I was younger, I loved looking at the illustrations in The Mitten. The copy that I had came with a knitted mitten like the one in the book. I remember playing with the mitten while my mom would read the story to me, laughing at all of the animals’ adventures.


    • Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola – I should probably start off by saying I love pasta, so maybe I am a bit biased, but a story where a town is flooded with pasta sounds pretty great to me. This book is funny and exciting, but also has good messages behind the humor. Plus, the illustrations are great!



    • Go the F*ck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach – Okay, so this one isn’t really for children, but it is in the style of a children’s book, just with some adult language. The author wrote it as a reflection on what he thought when trying to get his daughter to sleep, and considering its popularity, a few other parents may have had similar thoughts as well. There is even an audiobook version narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.


     So there you have it. My top children’s books of all time. One of my favorite things about books is that it is subjective. As insulting as it may be, I might absolutely hate your favorite book of all time. So, if you don’t agree with my list, that’s okay! Leave a comment with your favorite books...unless, of course, you don’t have Goodnight Moon on your list because then you’re just completely incorrect.


    Be sure to check out our new collaboration with Roald Dahl!


    ISlide Heroes: Melrose Fire Department

    ISlide Heroes: Melrose Fire Department

    During the month of September, we honored the Melrose Fire Department as part of our ISlide Heroes initiative. Check out the recap video and what they had to say! 


    Know someone deserving of special acknowledgment in your life? Nominate them to be an ISlide Hero today!



    ISlide releases brand new NBA “Stand for your City” Playoff designs for each city

    The 2018 ISlide x NBA Playoff Collection is inspired by each city’s culture and history of their fan base. Throughout history, NBA teams have embraced the resilience, culture, grit, and nature of their respective cities. This embracing of culture has long created and inspired team mantras as each season they’ve begun their quest for a NBA Championship. 



    Whether it’s Philly’s dedication to staying united through the rebuilding process or Golden State’s constant sentiment that strength is in numbers, each team’s logo is reimagined and redesigned incorporating these mantras...allowing you to Stand For Your City with your favorite team.



    Hear what others are saying about the 2018 “Stand For Your City” Collection.




    Release: April 12, 2018