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    Blog — ISlide heroes

    ISlide Heroes: Jaron Brown

    ISlide Heroes: Jaron Brown

    During the month of April, we decided to honor not only an ISlide Hero but a Boston Marathon competitor who was running on behalf of the organization that nominated him. Through complete selflessness, Jaron has helped Shooting Touch continue to succeed in their mission of changing the world we live in through the power of sport. 

    For more information on Shooting Touch and their mission, please visit

    What is ISlide Heroes?

    What is ISlide Heroes?

    With 2019 finally here, many of us have spent the last few weeks reflecting on the great moments of 2018. Memories we shared with friends, family, co-workers, and others that made 2018 an unforgettable year. Here at ISlide, we were able to create so many new opportunities and build on existing ones that will really help launch us into our next phase. A program in particular that we are very proud to have launched in 2018 is ISlide Heroes. ISlide Heroes is our initiative dedicated to inspiring, appreciating, and honoring the special people in our lives who create memories and moments we never forget.

    Every month, we encourage our customers and supporters to take the time to nominate someone they know personally, that they believe makes an incredible impact on the lives of others. Once decided we will choose a few of the applicants to receive special recognition with a pair of custom slides that include some of their favorite things and a visit from the ISlide team to give that hero the spotlight they deserve. As many of the past heroes have reflected on the experience, "I don't do this for recognition, but it does feel nice to have such a public appreciation."

    So far we've met incredible professionals, inspiring kids, a loving couple, and a few men and women who make strong impacts in the lives of many and all more than deserving of being honored. As our CEO and Founder describes the program, Heroes appear in so many ways and we are all surrounded by them...these are people who epitomize our mantra of Stand In What You Stand For and it’s time we celebrate them.”

    So in 2019, we challenge you to take the time, daily, to let the people in your life know how grateful and thankful you are for them. 


    Click HERE to nominate your ISlide Hero

    ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village

    ISlide Heroes: Ron Burton Training Village
    Monday, July 23rd, the whole ISlide team headed to mountains of Hubbardston, MA to spend a day with the dedicated and passionate youth of the Ron Burton Training Village….and of course we didn’t come empty handed as each camper received a custom pair of slides along with a speech and Q and A with the ISlide Janitor, Justin Kittredge himself.

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