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    Blog — Islide

    Ranked: The Top 5 SB MVP candidates ISlides

    Ranked: The Top 5 SB MVP candidates ISlides

  • Patrick Mahomes- Odds to win SB MVP +115
  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Even writing this right now, it's hard for me to even begin to think of a world where Mahomes is not the MVP. This is a guy who threw for over 4,000 yards this season and 26 TD’s, and that’s including the two weeks he didn’t play while dealing with a dislocated kneecap. When he played against the 49’ers in 2018, he put up 314 yards and 3 TD’s. Even though this 49’ers defense is revamped from a year ago, Mahomes is ripe to show out on the biggest stage and has the Chiefs rolling on all cylinders right now. With a great offense around him, and his pure athleticism to rely on he is a no-brainer for the Super Bowl MVP.  

  • Jimmy Garoppolo- Odds to win SB MVP +275
  • Taking a QB as a Super Bowl MVP is always a pretty safe bet. Even though Mahomes is stealing the show, Garoppolo should not be taken lightly. This is a guy who threw for 3,978 yards and 27 TD’s this year, keeping up with mahomes at least stat wise. He turned around the 49ers this year taking a 4-12 team (without him after an ACL injury) and making them a 13-3 powerhouse. We just need to see him take over a game, since the run game for the the 49ers has been dominant after they take an early lead. If the run game struggles and Garoppolo is able to showcase his arm strength and accuracy, he’s definitely in the running for the MVP. Plus, he’s handsome, and you can't go wrong with betting for the handsome guy.  

  • Raheem Mostert- Odds to win SB MVP +550
  • This is an intriguing option for the Super Bowl MVP, and one that I actually hope happens since Mostert’s NFL journey is an incredible story. Mostert was cut six times before finding a home in San Francisco. He broke onto the scene after a week 13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, where he rushed for 146 yards and a touchdown. He was then thrown back into the running back by committee cycle the 49ers had been using all season after their starter Jerick McKinnon went down with an ACL injury before the season even started. Mostert stayed quiet for a while, but in the NFC Championship game he WENT OFF. 220 yards and 4 TD’s later here we are predicting him to possibly be the Super Bowl MVP. He has explosive speed, and is a smart runner when finding holes out of the backfield. If the 49ers feed him like they did before, and he runs wild again, he could be holding an extra piece of hardware on the big stage.

  •   George Kittle- Odds to win SB MVP +1000
  • Now that we have gotten through the top three options there are some more interesting options to consider. No tight end has ever won the Super Bowl MVP award, so this might seem like a shot in the dark, but Kittle isn't like the other tight ends to play in the Super Bowl before him. In 14 games, he caught 5 TD’s and went for 1,053 yards. He is a staple of the 49ers offense and someone that Jimmy Garoppolo trusts throwing to in the offense. He can get separation from and defender with his 6 foot 4, 250 lb frame. This week Gronk even said he sees “a little bit of himself in Kittle.” That shows the level that Kittle plays at to a tee. He can block, catch, run, hit, do it all. And he has the opportunity to gain some high volume yards with Jimmy G looking his way often. Sure no tight end has ever won the award, but is there possibility for that to change? 

  •  Travis Kelce- Odds to win SB MVP +1500
  • Still on the tight end train, Travis Kelce is the other tight end who could make history by winning the Super Bowl MVP. This season in 16 games he had 1,229 receiving yards with 5 TD’s. He gets a lot of looks in the Chiefs offense, and can oftentimes find himself getting no look passes from Mahomes. He has both advantages and disadvantages for playing on the Chiefs. The obvious advantage is that he has one of the most talented QB’s throwing to him. But on the down side, he does get overshadowed by all the tallent on the Chiefs offense. For big plays down the field, it's often the wide receivers making the catches. Even still, Kelce has the ability to be a game changer on offense. In the red zone he is almost impossible to cover on a jump ball, and is sure to get touches. Again with the tight end bet, he has the potential to make history. 

    Dark Horses:

  •  Tyreek Hill- Odds to win SB MVP +1500 
  • Now we get to the fun part, the dark horse picks. Tyreek Hill sounds crazy being a dark horse, but it shows the level of talent playing in this game. One of the fastest wide receivers in the league, Hill has been a staple of the Chiefs offense this year. 7 TD’s and 860 yards in 12 games speaks for itself. Also, as I alluded to before Hill gets alot of his volume catches downfield in big plays. This makes him a potential MVP candidate, since if he is able to make 3-4 big plays, he can change the outcome out of the game. Plus now that he wants to try out for the olympics, there's no better stage to showcase your speed than the Super Bowl.

  •  Nick Bosa- Odds to win SB MVP +1800
  • I love picking defensive players as potential Super Bowl MVP winners. Only 9 previous defensive players have won the award, most recently being Von Miller in Super Bowl 50. Nick Bosa has potential to win the award, and is a really intriguing darkhorse. This season he had 9 sacks, and has become the force of the 49ers defense. His motor is non stop, and if you watch his highlights, he never stops. A nightmare to line up against, just relentless pass rush play after play. Especially with his pass-rushing ability, he could make a statement in the Super Bowl. Kind of the same skills set as Von Miller, Bosa is 1-2 hits, sacks, forced fumbles away from being the MVP. 

    *(odds according to odds shark as of 1/29/2020) 

    Blog Written by Matthew Stewart

    ISlide Experience: BearDaBeast

    ISlide Experience: BearDaBeast

    Earlier this season, Minnesota Timberwolves NBA 2KL gamer Michael 'BearDaBeast' Key, flew into headquarters to create some unique designs for his squad. 

    Check out how it all went down below!

    July ISlide Hero of the Month: My'Kel McMillen

    This month's ISlide Hero is a young man from Boston, inspired to make a change in his community through selfless giving and relationship building. Nominated by his lifelong friend, Keandre Stanton, My'Kel 'Corey' McMillen has spent his last few years helping those in need by providing necessary items for free. 



    “Mack’s Soles” was born in January 2017 in honor of My'Kel's late father, Charles “Mack” McMillen. In his own words..."My father enjoyed walking no matter the distance and was always talking about having good quality shoes that were comfortable for the journey. He was someone who you could label a “giver”. If he could help anyone, he did, that was his character. It did not matter if he was at work or in the community he was that type of person. As the saying goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”

    I found myself helping and connecting with folks who were homeless or struggling to make ends meet like most of us. When you hear the word homeless, what comes to mind? Perhaps an individual in need of shelter, food and maybe money to help them along the way. I felt in some ways that the majority of these needs were being met, however one thing was missing… Footwear! From shelter to shelter, one corner to the other, the majority of homeless people walk to get to where they’re going.

    I know that a pair of shoes is not the solution to the problem of homelessness, but maybe it is the solution to the beginning of a movement to raise awareness and to begin to build a more caring community. What do we want as a society and what do we need as a society? And that’s what I am striving to change; the mindset that we have adopted over time that has disconnected a lot of us from engaging with the real world. Mack’s Soles services in the Greater Boston Area and is always collecting donations all year round."



    ISlide Experience: Yogi Ferrell

    ISlide Experience: Yogi Ferrell

    Current Sacramento Kings guard and Indiana University basketball legend, Yogi Ferrell, stopped by headquarters for an ISlide Experience AND to create some custom slides. 


    After graduating from Indiana University as their all-time leader in assists, Yogi went undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft. With all the determination, work ethic, and attitude that a 6-foot guard would need to make an NBA roster, Yogi did just that eventually making the Brooklyn Nets roster and in the 2017-2018 season, being a reliable contributor for the Dallas Mavericks.




    Yogi's journey is that of an undersized guard who hasn't let stereotypes, naysayers, or the outside noise stop him from reaching his goal and that's exactly what he wanted to use as inspiration while creating his custom pair. 



    Yogi's second pair includes the iconic #11 that he wore during his time as a Hoosier as well as his signature. He hasn't officially named these ones yet, but we're thinking something along the Yogi 1.5s. 

    Check out the full recap of Yogi's ISlide experience below and check out his collection while it's still available!