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    Blog — HoopHall

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    To start 2019 off with a bang we decided to head over to the HoopHall classic in Springfield Massachusetts to check out some of the future college and NBA superstars in action. With some mini-basketball games, a backdrop for photos, and a ton of discount Slides, everyone came to see the ISlide setup.

    This Year marks the 18th annual HoopHall Classic. This tournament takes place in Springfield college and is put on by the Basketball Hall of fame. It is an opportunity for some of the best players from high schools all over the country to compete. The tournament started on Thursday, January 17th and ran until Monday the 19th. We were able to get right into the heat of things showing up on Saturday when the tournament was really starting to get intense.

    With the Pop-a-shot set up we decided to have a giveaway based on who could get the most points in thirty seconds. We did 4+ main giveaways this weekend, with the winner of each getting a free pair of slides. This first contest ended in a tie between two middle schoolers, both of whom nailed thirty-one buckets in thirty seconds. One of the two picked a pair of slides on the spot, and went home happy with a fine pair of black on black lakers slides. The other decided to go the custom route, and waited to customize his own unique pair later. We made a lot of people happy our first day there, sending many home with new slides. We also talked to a number of new teams about getting custom orders done for the whole team as a season-ending gift, or as a start to next years season.

    The second day we wanted to mix things up, so we changed the giveaway plan to see who could get the best trick shot in, on camera. We posted all of those videos to our instagram for the world to decide which shot was the best. Our winner walked away in some brand new custom furs, and a deep sense of pride.

    All of the teams really showed up to play this weekend. We were so happy to get out there and be able to give some custom slides to the best of the best, while also getting to watch these incredible athletes perform. All in all, it was a good weekend for us too. A lot of new athletes are walking around in their own one of a kind slides and there are a number of whole teams either committed to, or are seriously considering, getting team orders for next season!


    Check out some of the pictures we captured! 


    This Blog Was Written By: 

    Kenny Lowell

    Slide-into-intern-life: Kenny

    Slide-into-intern-life: Kenny

    I had a pretty eventful start to my time at ISlide. My first day, was also my first day of classes for the semester (second semester as a senior), so that was certainly a lot to handle all at once. That weekend, we were running a vendor setup at the HoopHall Classic in Springfield Massachusetts. Despite an incredible amount of car troubles which had lead to me not even being able to come to the office, I committed to getting myself out there, in a snowstorm, for Saturday afternoon/evening, as well as Sunday morning and early afternoon.

    I managed to get out there, in my mom’s minivan, despite the snow. The event itself was a grand time, I got to watch a middle schooler make 32 shots (on our pop-a-shot setup) in thirty seconds, so that was cool. We didn’t get to see too many of the actual hoophall games until the end of the night, but we made up for that by going out to dinner afterwards. My new boss, Stephen “Baz” Basden, and I decided that the new MGM Springfield would be as good a place as any to put the company credit card to a little use. After a burger a piece, and a beer or two, we finally headed to the hotel.

    Baz, not knowing the license plate number on his car, had to go back out to check it, so the hotel would know which car was his. This left me and the guy behind the desk alone together. I wish Baz hadn’t done that. Those five or ten minutes will remain among the most uncomfortable of my life. Don’t get me wrong, he was a nice guy. Really nice, like REALLY nice, or at least he was trying to be. But he was about 50 if he was a day, and I just don’t swing that way, so I just stood there awkwardly and tried to not offend him with my silence, as he tried to convince me to switch into the “luxury suite” (wink wink). Baz finally returned and we went to our room, the one we had asked for, not the luxury suite, and watched Shawshank Redemption until we passed out.

    The next day, and most of the days since, have been much less eventful. Certainly not in a bad way, if all of my days here were that exciting I don’t think I could handle it. Since then I have learned a lot working here, and it has been really nice to work for a company where I can tell that I am actually having an impact on a regular basis. I have written a few press releases which were published, which is pretty awesome. If you are reading this, there is also a pretty good chance you read some of the other blogs that I wrote while here, which were all a lot of fun to work on (if not, you should read them, I’m really funny). Every day that I work, I come in and walk across a half-court to get to my desk, maybe dodge a few basketballs (depending on how much work the sales guys are doing that day), and say hi to one of the two office dogs we have around. Even if my days aren’t as eventful as that first weekend was, they sure are pretty unique.


    This Blog Was Written By Intern: Kenny Lowell