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    NFLPA is The Latest Addition to ISlide’s Ever-Growing Catalog of Top-Tier License Partnerships

    NFLPA is The Latest Addition to ISlide’s Ever-Growing Catalog of Top-Tier License Partnerships

    BOSTON (January 29, 2020) --  With the sports world shifting its focus to the big game this Sunday in Miami, ISlide, the global leader in custom slide footwear, announced today the NFLPA as its newest license partner. By partnering with the NFLPA, ISlide will have the capability to produce products for every player in the NFL. To kick off the official launch, ISlide will roll out slides featuring the starting lineups for both teams playing this Sunday.  Additionally, they will feature a limited edition style to celebrate the game’s MVP, to be announced Sunday night.


    The NFLPA is the newest license for ISlide and will compliment ISlide’s ever-growing catalog of top tier sports and brand licenses which includes MLB, WNBA, NBA, NBA2K, NHL, NASCAR, Overwatch League, 50+ NCAA colleges and universities...and more.


    Founded in 2013, by footwear industry veteran, Justin Kittredge, ISlide has been the global leader in slide footwear innovation by offering 100% custom design capabilities, as well as world renowned licenses. ISlide’s custom design capabilities has been popular with countless celebrities, athletes and teams since the beginning by allowing them to express themselves through their footwear. 


    “Ever since day one, athletes of all backgrounds and sports have embraced our product. We have seen tremendous creativity and passion through player collaborations and gifting programs. We are extremely excited to be able to bring our product to even more sports fans through the NFLPA partnership,” said Justin Kittredge, ISlide founder and CEO. “Our rallying cry ‘Stand in what you stand for’ has been around since day one and is just as meaningful today as it was back then. We’re beyond excited to develop even more creative and expressive designs with the NFLPA.” 

    ISlide’s have been seen on the feet of countless athletes and celebrities  WHO STAND IN WHAT THEY STAND FOR that include Lebron James, Rob Gronkowski, Sidney Crosby, Steph Curry, Justin Bieber, and more. ISlide who created DJ Khaled's famous "Another One" and "Bless Up" sandals fuses fashion with athletics by partnering with the NBA, MLB, Def Jam Records, and others to create officially licensed custom designs. 


    Working with key partners such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Fanatics, ISlide will continue to grow and spread its one-of-a-kind brand.   Adding the NFLPA license will help ISlide further expand its presence in the sports world, and allow ISlide to create more custom slides for some of the world's biggest athletes. This partnership also opens the door for future collaborations with NFL players to expand their brand, and also create custom slides for what they believe in.  

    For more information or to get started on your pair of ISlide’s visit

    To stay up to date, follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


    About ISlide: 

    ISlide is the industry leader in premium, custom slides. Founded in 2013 by Justin Kittredge, a footwear industry veteran with 2 decades of experience, ISlide has amassed over 50 licenses and more than a dozen partnerships. ISlide enables consumers to create their custom design on high-quality athletic and high fashion-inspired slides, enabling individual expression and self-representation with peers, family, and friends, embodying the message “Stand In What You Stand For.” 


    Media Contact: 

    Jeff Gulko 



    New York | Charleston | Boston | Nashville

    Ranked: The Top 5 SB MVP candidates ISlides

    Ranked: The Top 5 SB MVP candidates ISlides

  • Patrick Mahomes- Odds to win SB MVP +115
  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Even writing this right now, it's hard for me to even begin to think of a world where Mahomes is not the MVP. This is a guy who threw for over 4,000 yards this season and 26 TD’s, and that’s including the two weeks he didn’t play while dealing with a dislocated kneecap. When he played against the 49’ers in 2018, he put up 314 yards and 3 TD’s. Even though this 49’ers defense is revamped from a year ago, Mahomes is ripe to show out on the biggest stage and has the Chiefs rolling on all cylinders right now. With a great offense around him, and his pure athleticism to rely on he is a no-brainer for the Super Bowl MVP.  

  • Jimmy Garoppolo- Odds to win SB MVP +275
  • Taking a QB as a Super Bowl MVP is always a pretty safe bet. Even though Mahomes is stealing the show, Garoppolo should not be taken lightly. This is a guy who threw for 3,978 yards and 27 TD’s this year, keeping up with mahomes at least stat wise. He turned around the 49ers this year taking a 4-12 team (without him after an ACL injury) and making them a 13-3 powerhouse. We just need to see him take over a game, since the run game for the the 49ers has been dominant after they take an early lead. If the run game struggles and Garoppolo is able to showcase his arm strength and accuracy, he’s definitely in the running for the MVP. Plus, he’s handsome, and you can't go wrong with betting for the handsome guy.  

  • Raheem Mostert- Odds to win SB MVP +550
  • This is an intriguing option for the Super Bowl MVP, and one that I actually hope happens since Mostert’s NFL journey is an incredible story. Mostert was cut six times before finding a home in San Francisco. He broke onto the scene after a week 13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, where he rushed for 146 yards and a touchdown. He was then thrown back into the running back by committee cycle the 49ers had been using all season after their starter Jerick McKinnon went down with an ACL injury before the season even started. Mostert stayed quiet for a while, but in the NFC Championship game he WENT OFF. 220 yards and 4 TD’s later here we are predicting him to possibly be the Super Bowl MVP. He has explosive speed, and is a smart runner when finding holes out of the backfield. If the 49ers feed him like they did before, and he runs wild again, he could be holding an extra piece of hardware on the big stage.

  •   George Kittle- Odds to win SB MVP +1000
  • Now that we have gotten through the top three options there are some more interesting options to consider. No tight end has ever won the Super Bowl MVP award, so this might seem like a shot in the dark, but Kittle isn't like the other tight ends to play in the Super Bowl before him. In 14 games, he caught 5 TD’s and went for 1,053 yards. He is a staple of the 49ers offense and someone that Jimmy Garoppolo trusts throwing to in the offense. He can get separation from and defender with his 6 foot 4, 250 lb frame. This week Gronk even said he sees “a little bit of himself in Kittle.” That shows the level that Kittle plays at to a tee. He can block, catch, run, hit, do it all. And he has the opportunity to gain some high volume yards with Jimmy G looking his way often. Sure no tight end has ever won the award, but is there possibility for that to change? 

  •  Travis Kelce- Odds to win SB MVP +1500
  • Still on the tight end train, Travis Kelce is the other tight end who could make history by winning the Super Bowl MVP. This season in 16 games he had 1,229 receiving yards with 5 TD’s. He gets a lot of looks in the Chiefs offense, and can oftentimes find himself getting no look passes from Mahomes. He has both advantages and disadvantages for playing on the Chiefs. The obvious advantage is that he has one of the most talented QB’s throwing to him. But on the down side, he does get overshadowed by all the tallent on the Chiefs offense. For big plays down the field, it's often the wide receivers making the catches. Even still, Kelce has the ability to be a game changer on offense. In the red zone he is almost impossible to cover on a jump ball, and is sure to get touches. Again with the tight end bet, he has the potential to make history. 

    Dark Horses:

  •  Tyreek Hill- Odds to win SB MVP +1500 
  • Now we get to the fun part, the dark horse picks. Tyreek Hill sounds crazy being a dark horse, but it shows the level of talent playing in this game. One of the fastest wide receivers in the league, Hill has been a staple of the Chiefs offense this year. 7 TD’s and 860 yards in 12 games speaks for itself. Also, as I alluded to before Hill gets alot of his volume catches downfield in big plays. This makes him a potential MVP candidate, since if he is able to make 3-4 big plays, he can change the outcome out of the game. Plus now that he wants to try out for the olympics, there's no better stage to showcase your speed than the Super Bowl.

  •  Nick Bosa- Odds to win SB MVP +1800
  • I love picking defensive players as potential Super Bowl MVP winners. Only 9 previous defensive players have won the award, most recently being Von Miller in Super Bowl 50. Nick Bosa has potential to win the award, and is a really intriguing darkhorse. This season he had 9 sacks, and has become the force of the 49ers defense. His motor is non stop, and if you watch his highlights, he never stops. A nightmare to line up against, just relentless pass rush play after play. Especially with his pass-rushing ability, he could make a statement in the Super Bowl. Kind of the same skills set as Von Miller, Bosa is 1-2 hits, sacks, forced fumbles away from being the MVP. 

    *(odds according to odds shark as of 1/29/2020) 

    Blog Written by Matthew Stewart

    ISlide Fantasy Football: Week 1 Recap; Week 2 Preview

    ISlide Fantasy Football: Week 1 Recap; Week 2 Preview

    Tyler (Weddy Roosevelt) vs. Steve (Dikembe and Devonta) 126 - 92.8

    Tyler picked up the W on the back of Austin Ekeler, who posted a fat 42.4. Tyler could have a challenging few weeks because Joe Mixon should be out. Very disappointing considering Zac Taylor had the Bengals looking like a real offense.
    Steve got NOTHING from Sony Michel (1.8). The sheer amount of weapons on the Patriots could make him a riskier option than we thought, and Rex Burkhead actually looked NICE Sunday night, ( I'd bet on Sony to get most of the goal line carries though, and the Patriots get the Dolphins next week. This would have been uglier if Kyler didn't have a dominant 4th quarter and OT, putting up 238 yards, 2 TD and a completed 2 point conversion. James Conner, OBJ, and OJ Howard should all be better. Steve's an annual playoff contender, he'll be fine. 
    Sam Pease (Let's Cook) vs. Paul (Team Butt) 107.2 - 120.3
    Paul had a hot Monday, with the Deshaun Watson / Will Fuller combination putting up almost 40. David Johnson looks well worth a top 5 pick, and Tarik Cohen is lowkey super valuable if he remains in the slot, (Full PPR).
    I'm devastated. Dalvin Cook and Marlin Mack BOTH went off, (with a combined 54.4), but Jared Goff severely under-performed, and Matt Breida barely showed up. Travis Kelce should have had another TD but instead Mahomes' no-look attempt sailed. I expect Goff to bounce back, and Breida is definitely the starter moving forward after the Coleman Injury. Watch out. 
    Alain (Team Tub) vs. Nick (Captain Deadpool) 60.6 - 137.7
    Oh Alain. Cam, Aaron Jones, Tyreek, Steelers D, and AB combined to put up 9.2 points. Gonna be tough to win with that. Aaron Jones might have a tough time rushing vs. MIN this week, and we might see a bit of a slide from Team Tub.
    Nick (Autodrafted and didn't set his lineup), put up the THIRD best score of the week. Kamara and Josh Jacobs are studs, (and the Oakland offense doesn't look that bad). It's amazing that Nick's bench may have been more impressive than the starters. Dak, (33.4), Jamison Crowder, (24.3), Terry McLaurin, (26.5), and Chris Conley (21.7) absolutely ate. Nick's team looks deep, But can he find a Tight End? Trey Burton won't cut it. 
    Bas (Bout Dat Business) vs. Tori (Meat Eater) 160.7 - 90.2
    Bas more than justified my rank for him. Mahomes had 30.2 vs a great Jags secondary. Barkley didn't even go all the way off. Mark Ingram is the lead back of one of the most rush happy teams in the league. Evan Engram is gonna get force fed the ball until the WR core is healthy in NY, and even then he could be the #1 option in the passing game. Not to mention he has DJAX on his bench. I'm scared.
    Tori got solid return from her Top 5 pick Le'Veon, who is going to get TOUCHES. Especially now that Darnold is out because of mono, (sup). Big Ben had no idea what to do with the Patriots secondary and Devonta Freeman was up against MIN. Hopefully he looks more like himself, and can stay on the field. 
    Luke (Coach's Kryptonite) vs. Shannon/Becky (Women Who Score) 185.4 - 147.4
    #1 this week was Luke, and sheeeeeeeeeesh this team is good. McCaffrey was on the field for every offensive snap, and he made the most of each touch. Carson is similar to Ingram, in that he's going to run a LOT. I expect consistent 15-20 point weeks from him. Fat upside at WR with Amari and Ridley. It might be tough to beat Luke this year, but at least you're all welcome to join me on the beachfront property I own in his brain. Coach's kryptonite? We all know my real kryptonite is a big bag of cotton candy grapes. 
    Becky and Shannon put up 147.4 with Miles Sanders, Mike Evans, their defense and kicker combining for 9.5. Sammy Watkins is unbelievable and will pipe without Reek in there. Kittle will be better. Nuk looked amazing. Don't sleep! THEY'RE GETTING MELVIN BACK AT SOME POINT
    Tom (Boston Skreets) vs. Shane (2 Gurley's 1 Cup) 116.7 - 137
    Shane looks dangerous and didn't get a full workload from Zeke. Alshon, Gallup, and Hollywood Brown on the bench all put up at least 22. Look out for Hurns this year in a new look Dallas offense run by Kellen Moore. I'm not sure he can rely on almost 20 from Emmanuel Sanders/ week, considering Joe Flacco can barely move. Rooting for Broncos -5.5 was one of most painful things I've done this year.  Good thing he's deep at WR.
    Good but not good enough for Tom. David Montgomery clearly looked like the best option in the Chicago backfield, but he didn't get the carries (6) he needed to put up real points. AJ Green and Golden Tate are just hanging on the bench. Hopefully AB can boost Brady's points enough to get him through the injuries, (Guice too).
    Aashil (Juju on the Beat) vs. Jordan (Bear Force One) 115.5 - 83.9
    Aashil rolled Jordan, but Malcolm Brown might vulture Gurley's TD's consistently, and he looks dangerously thin at RB. Hunter Henry going down is brutal. Let's hope for Aashil's sake that Mark Andrews' chemistry with Lamar Jackson is real. 
    Jordan might have joined the Alain tier. Fournette loses Foles and I'm sure more teams will start stacking the box. Tevin Coleman is week to week after suffering from a high ankle sprain. Rodgers will have to look more like Rodgers for Jordan to stick around. 
    Bets of the Week:
    Last Week - 3/5
    Parlay of Ravens spread (-7) and Chiefs Spread (-4) +270 YUP
    Packers Moneyline +145 YUP 
    Lions Spread (-3) EVEN
    Pats Spread (-6) -110 YUP
    Texans Moneyline +240 
    Kinda mad about Texans Moneyline but you can't give Brees that much time. *Sigh*
    Panthers -6.5 (-110)
    Cowboys -6 (-115)
    Bears -3 and Chargers ML Parley (+250)
    Colts Moneyline (+155)
    Patriots -19.5 (-110) 

    Super Bowl LIII

    Super Bowl LIII

    Four of the last five super bowls have been decided by a single possession. Some of the most heart-wrenching and soul-shattering super bowls have happened within the past five or ten years. With this years matchup of the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, many are predicting another nail-biter. The Patriots have been given the advantage in this matchup by quite a few experts, before the AFC championship game the pats were actually down a point in most books. However, by the end of the night they had jumped up to a two or three point favorite . Yet, the Rams have been sporting a brick wall of a D-line in recent weeks at the very least. But clashing with the nigh-unstoppable force that seems to be the Patriots offense (even more so since the playoffs started) is going to be no mean feet.  No matter who says what, it’s gonna be a close game for sure.

    A big part of the Patriots offensive success this year has been due to the undying loyalty and crazy superstitions of their incredible and wholly-unbiased fans. However, we can’t shorthand the leadership forces that really drive the team though; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are always a frightening duo to go up against. It doesn’t matter how bad they’ve been playing, how much cheating they have been accused of, or how many points you’re up by with two minutes left in the fourth. However, Jared Goff of the Rams has shed the kid gloves for sure; pulling out a win, by the skin of his teeth, in their last game against the saints. It seems pretty safe to say that both team will be coming out strong this year, and we can only wait and see what happens in the end.


    Written By:

    Kenny Lowell

    ISlide Heroes - Dalene Basden

    ISlide Heroes - Dalene Basden

    In the spirit of Giving Tuesday this year, and to continue with the ongoing efforts of the ISlide Hero program, we honored an individual who was nominated by a peer of theirs for her giving nature and selflessness. 

    Dalene Basden, a parent of 5 children, 1 of whom was diagnosed with Klienfelters Syndrome in 1993, has been running the Lynn Special Olympics program for the last 20+ years. From the logistics of making sure the team is eligible every year, having gym space, transportation, or even feeding the athletes, Dalene has dedicated much of her time to the children and families in the community. 

    Check out the video below to hear the full story! 



    Nominate your own hero for the chance to be honored and featured as part of ISlide's Hero of the Month program.