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    Blog — Feet

    Six Tips for Taking Photos of Your Slides

    Six Tips for Taking Photos of Your Slides

    Author: Emily Host 

    We all love to show off our hottest new gear. You can either share with your family on Facebook or "flex for the ‘gram" to do it. Everything needs to be perfect for your post though from the angle down to the caption. But getting the perfect picture – with or without your feet – isn’t always the easiest. And we get that. 

    The process of shooting slides can sometimes be delicate but no worries, we’ll have you prepared. Now you can show everyone that you’re standing in what you stand for with your best foot (feet) forward.

    1. Be Creative

    It’s your unique pair of slides, make your photo unique too! Now’s the time to flaunt your hidden skills with camera.

    2. Check your Background

    You want your slides to stand out from everything - not blend in. Make your slides pop.

    3. Make sure your lighting is on point

    The better the lighting, the better the photo. The best way to do this is if there is natural lighting.

    4. Focus

    Make sure your slides are in focus and you don’t have any shaky cam going on. It’s hard to see your design and the photo just doesn’t look that clean if it’s blurry.

    5. Composition

    Don’t make the photo too cluttered, you’re trying to showcase your custom slides. Don’t have a mess of stuff going on around them.

    6. Take Care of Your Feet

    **This one applies to if you’re taking a photo with your slides on.** Just remember… you’re showing the world your feet. You’re the famous model of your own photoshoot so treat yourself to a nice pedicure before you snap a pic.




    Now with all these tips you’re ready to show the world your style. You’re practically an expert now. Impress your family and friends with these professional looking pictures that will have them wanting a pair for themselves!

    We trust you to make sure none of your friends or family are taking crummy photos of their beautiful slides too. You can teach them our six tips or even send them over a link to the blog so they can learn themselves.

    Dylan Botelho contributed to this blog entry.