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    Blog — Design

    National ISlide Day Press Release


    Boston, MA: Known for their innovative, high quality, customizable slide sandals, ISlide is setting the tone for the season, marking June 21st as National ISlide Day, kicking off the official start of Summer. To celebrate, ISlide is launching a brand new program taking customization to the next level: Pattern Matching. Customers can simply upload photos of their favorite patterned clothing, and the professional Design Staff at ISlide will match the graphics on a pair of slides to complete the summer outfit.

    “Patterned clothing is a staple for summer beach-wear, so this is such a natural fit for our custom slides. I immediately brought in some of my favorite patterned shirts to test out the program,” said Justin Kittredge, Founder and CEO of ISlide. “The designs look great and will be a perfect match all summer long.”

    ISlides are the sought-after athletic sandal sweeping the world on the feet of such athletes and celebrities as Lebron James, Conor McGregor, Dwyane Wade, Justin Bieber, and more. Maker of DJ Khaled's famous "Another One" and "Bless Up" sandals, ISlide fuses fashion with athletics and has partnered with the NBA, NASCAR, Def Jam Records, and a number of other teams, brands, and organizations for officially licensed custom designs.

    Local businesses are getting in on the fun as well. In nearby Needham, Dedham, and Hyde Park, establishments including The Village Manor,  Victory Grille and Tutto Italiano are celebrating National ISlide Day by raffling off a pair of their own custom ISlides to patrons over the course of the weekend. ISlide also unveiled their newest MLB Stars & Stripes designs and a USA collection on their website, in time for the Independence Day holiday.

    To learn more about ISlide, check out their blog or follow @ISlideUSA on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can customize your own ISlides now at ISlideUSA.com.  

    Company Info: ISlide is the industry leader in premium, custom sandals. Founded in 2013 by Justin Kittredge, a 19-year footwear industry veteran, ISlide has amassed over 50 licenses and more than a dozen partnerships. ISlide enables consumers to create their own design on high-quality athletic sandals enabling individual expression and self-representation with peers, family, and friends, embodying the message “Stand In What You Stand For.”

    Media Contact: Nicholas Knoerr, nickk@islideusa.com

    Slide-into-intern-life: Samantha Dwyer

    Slide-into-intern-life: Samantha Dwyer

    Looking back at my time at ISlide, I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given. I am a senior, Graphic Design student, at Emmanuel College and this was my fist internship ever. When I found this internship on my school’s hiring portal, I had no idea just how much I would gain from it. I remember reading the internship description and thinking it sounded so much more interesting and creative than the rest I had seen. I knew instantly this was where I wanted to be.

    I was nervous leading into my first day. I had no idea what would be expected of me every day and wasn’t sure that the skills I had learned in school were going to be good enough. That all changed after just the first day; everyone there was so welcoming and nice. Despite all the work being done, the entire team at ISlide still keeps the environment fun and friendly.

    I am especially thankful for my supervisors Tom and Tiana. They taught me so much during my time here. I have gained so many new skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. Honestly, sometimes I think I have learned more from my time here, than I learned in school. If you are currently looking for an internship, I would highly recommend looking into ISlide. You are going to learn so much and have fun doing it!


    This Blog Was Written By Intern: Samantha Dwyer

    Slide-into-intern-life: Hunter Hoag

    Slide-into-intern-life: Hunter Hoag

    My name is Hunter Hoag, I am in my last semester studying Graphic design. Being an intern at ISlide, has been my greatest experience in my college career. I heard about ISlide through a friend that had graduated a year before me. He only talked positively about ISlide, but never got the internship. He told me about how they worked with the NBA, DJ Khalid, and many, many more, and it instantly hit me “that sounds like an amazing place to work.” I found them quick on my school’s internship website, and the communication back was instant. I found myself at an interview two weeks later.

    My first day walking in I was very nervous, felt like I was under prepared, but once I got sight of the office, the half court when you walk in, and all the friendly faces ready to say hello, helped me relax a lot. The company, in my opinion, is very much a family, everyone knows everyone, working in an open floor concept helps communications, and sparks creative conversations. It was a work hard party hard message. If you work hard in the day, go ahead and reward yourself, just be back here the next day ready to go again! They gave me pretty big roles in design, helping put together the march madness slides, working with the NASCAR designs, they even let me make a video for social media with Dee Brown. The work I have done at school, has been nowhere near as much fun as the work here at ISlide.

    Since being at ISlide, it was one hundred percent the ideal job. Every day I would get a new project to test my creativity, whether I was making my own design for someone, or they had sent us guides on what they wanted, I was being creative daily. Before I started at ISlide I thought I had Adobe illustrator and photoshop figured out, I was able to do baseline vectorizing when I got there, but they had taught me so much more, and when they taught me these things it had sent me home with the urge to look up other photoshop tutorials and learn more about these apps that I had thought I mastered. They showed me that possibilities are endless. Every time I walk in there, I feel inspired to work, there are so many possibilities for slide designs, designs for the packaging, and designs for social media, people are sending us guides that will inspire designs of our own, and so on. The place is open and covered in art work and it would be hard not to get inspired there.

    Working at ISlide will be amazing, go into it with an open mind, and let your creativity flow. Doing that will give you so much more inspiration for your own works and to put towards fun projects at ISlide. Always put in your maximum effort, do exactly what the customer says, and be creative! You’ll learn a ton and have fun while doing it.


    This Blog Was Written By Intern: Hunter Hoag