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    Blog — college

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    To start 2019 off with a bang we decided to head over to the HoopHall classic in Springfield Massachusetts to check out some of the future college and NBA superstars in action. With some mini-basketball games, a backdrop for photos, and a ton of discount Slides, everyone came to see the ISlide setup.

    This Year marks the 18th annual HoopHall Classic. This tournament takes place in Springfield college and is put on by the Basketball Hall of fame. It is an opportunity for some of the best players from high schools all over the country to compete. The tournament started on Thursday, January 17th and ran until Monday the 19th. We were able to get right into the heat of things showing up on Saturday when the tournament was really starting to get intense.

    With the Pop-a-shot set up we decided to have a giveaway based on who could get the most points in thirty seconds. We did 4+ main giveaways this weekend, with the winner of each getting a free pair of slides. This first contest ended in a tie between two middle schoolers, both of whom nailed thirty-one buckets in thirty seconds. One of the two picked a pair of slides on the spot, and went home happy with a fine pair of black on black lakers slides. The other decided to go the custom route, and waited to customize his own unique pair later. We made a lot of people happy our first day there, sending many home with new slides. We also talked to a number of new teams about getting custom orders done for the whole team as a season-ending gift, or as a start to next years season.

    The second day we wanted to mix things up, so we changed the giveaway plan to see who could get the best trick shot in, on camera. We posted all of those videos to our instagram for the world to decide which shot was the best. Our winner walked away in some brand new custom furs, and a deep sense of pride.

    All of the teams really showed up to play this weekend. We were so happy to get out there and be able to give some custom slides to the best of the best, while also getting to watch these incredible athletes perform. All in all, it was a good weekend for us too. A lot of new athletes are walking around in their own one of a kind slides and there are a number of whole teams either committed to, or are seriously considering, getting team orders for next season!


    Check out some of the pictures we captured! 


    This Blog Was Written By: 

    Kenny Lowell

    7 Things College Did Not Teach Me

    7 Things College Did Not Teach Me
    In the first month or so of your first job, you need to accept that you really do not know what you are doing. There are a lot of jobs that college cannot teach you about, but that doesn’t mean college doesn’t prepare you for it.

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    Let's Go To College

    Let's Go To College

    Over the past five years, we have made many strategic decisions on how best to grow the company. And over the past 3-4 months, we have made college and universities a priority for us at ISlide. The biggest question is, what took us so long?

    Well, it’s not that easy.

    College Football Alabama Colorado USC ASU Minnesota Ohio State

    We initially started with a NBA License in 2015 and it went well. I wouldn't say we blew it out of the water but it was certainly worth extending for another three years and I'm glad we did. It continues to be a huge success. As we grow into the next chapter of our company, our focus should be college. College kids live in sweats and slides. The college licensing world is also a beast and took us a while to really wrap our arms around it. With various licensing agencies, buying institutions, and independents looking for "easy wins," we had to have a clear strategy before diving into our next major initiative.

    Alabama Football Basketball Volleyball Roll Tide Slide Sandals

    As a company we have employed two approaches to the college world. The first, which is the most obvious, is applying for licensing at each school directly. This is what we have been doing with Michigan State, Alabama, and LSU to name a few. Once we get designs approved, they go live on our website and are available for anybody to purchase. And today we can add The Ohio State University to the mix, another major school that we are excited to have on our team.

    Our second strategy is more complicated. In the fall, ISlide partnered with a sales agency to sell directly into campus local shops and bookstores. Under this approach, we are able to get into retail outlets without having to go through the time-consuming process of obtaining each individual collegiate license and selling into each account.

    USC California Los Angeles Slide Sandals Trojans Football Basketball

    The market for college gear is something that will always be there for us. There will always be a continual re-supply of customers demanding college gear as new students are being accepted and attending these schools every year. However, ISlide does not believe “grabbing a piece” of the college apparel market is enough. The college market is something that we fully plan on dominating, and it all begins with licensing.

    The "athleisure" world we live in isn't going away for a while and we know people LOVE their college. Whether they are lifelong fans, part of a club or varsity team, or even an alumnus, people have so much pride in their school. They also identify heavily with everything that speaks to their campus. With our mantra of Stand In What You Stand For, we couldn't ask for a better marriage.


    Stand In What You Stand For - JK

    I Slide For #5 : Grace // Alma Mater

    I Slide For #5 : Grace // Alma Mater

    Colgate University has been my home for the past four years. Although unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first, Colgate became my home away from home and my happy place. Between classes that both challenged me and enlightened me, to my best friends in the universe, Colgate has given me both knowledge and memories that I will never forget. From watching the sunset on top of the hill to driving past fields and fields of cows to jumping in the reservoir, Upstate New York is a place that I will always treasure. 

    All of this combined inspired me to put Colgate on my first pair of slides. They remind me of an amazing four year experience, but also remind me in this new chapter of my life at ISlide that change is good and exciting. ISlide has been a great experience so far, and I have learned so much in only five weeks. I am excited to see what my future at ISlide holds, but I know that I will always have my memories at Colgate with me too.