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    Blog — basketball

    Dwayne Wade Legacy Collection

    Dwayne Wade Legacy Collection
    In anticipation of Dwayne Wade's last few NBA games, the Miami Heat have released an exclusive 'Legacy Collection' which includes a pair of custom designed 'Legacy' ISlides.

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    Sliding into This Years All Star Game

    Sliding into This Years All Star Game

    The 68th annual NBA all star game is finally so close we can taste it! It tastes like sweat, hardwood floors, and basketball-leather. We would advise against tasting it, but it’s close enough that you could if you wanted to. That aside, this year’s game is shaping up to be an interesting one to be sure. With Giannis leading the East and Lebron leading the West, this will definitely be one heck of a matchup. People have been criticizing the new draft system for the all star game, saying that fans deserved more than just 50% of the vote. But if you really think about it, did any of us really want to see older players like Dwyane Wade paired up starting against rookies like Luka Doncic? It seems like the lineups have turned out at least somewhat evenly. Now that the starting five for each team have been released, we can take a real look at some of the 1-on-1 matchups we’re going to be seeing this year.

    The biggest news seems to be Giannis taking Lebron’s old captain position in the East. Some people are saying that Giannis may do better at “captaining” than Lebron did. Some are even saying that he may be ushering in a new generation of players and may have what it takes to really make this year’s NBA all star game a great show (unlike the somewhat ...tame... event that happened last year). Either way, we’ll just have to wait for Feb 17th to see how it plays out.

    Written By:

    Kenny Lowell

    Customizing Valentines Day

    Customizing Valentines Day

    The normal customs of Valentine’s day are obvious to most. Writing cards to your class, candy, and a dinner date with a movie have been the go-to’s for many Americans on February 14th.The fun of Valentine’s day has been stripped from the new generation in Boston schools with the ban of Valentine’s day parties. Teachers are asking parents to send their kids into school with origami instead of continuing the tradition of candy hearts and cards on valentine’s day. There is no doubt that Valentine’s day parties have lived in our childhood memories for years, but our culture is surely shifting away from these traditions. Skipping the flowers and chocolates and getting creative with Valentine’s day has also been on the rise. Valentine’s day has taken on a new meaning for most; one that Is more personal and less glued to tradition.

                Lately, Valentine’s day has been about making new memories, but just like ISlide stays rooted in its humble beginnings, my favorite memory of Valentine’s day will always triumph over those of the new age Valentine’s Day. My memory of opening cards from each of my elementary school classmates will always hold sentimental value to me when February rolls around. Whether it be taking a break during the day for candy, or awaiting a love letter from your crush, elementary school valentine’s day parties will always hold the most nostalgic and pure meaning for me.

                Cultural shifts surrounding Valentine’s day have most likely thrown many gift givers for a loop, leaving them wondering what the best gift to give would be. This year, customize your Valentine’s day with a hot pair of ISlides that your significant other will fall head over heels for, and never forget to stand in what you stand for!


    ISlide Experience: Dee Brown

    Last week, retired professional basketball player and 1991 NBA Slam Dunk contest champion Dee Brown came to visit us at our ISlide Headquarters in Boston. We had a lot of fun shooting around and customizing a special pair of slides for Dee. Check out the recap video below! 

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    ISlide at HoopHall Classic 2019

    To start 2019 off with a bang we decided to head over to the HoopHall classic in Springfield Massachusetts to check out some of the future college and NBA superstars in action. With some mini-basketball games, a backdrop for photos, and a ton of discount Slides, everyone came to see the ISlide setup.

    This Year marks the 18th annual HoopHall Classic. This tournament takes place in Springfield college and is put on by the Basketball Hall of fame. It is an opportunity for some of the best players from high schools all over the country to compete. The tournament started on Thursday, January 17th and ran until Monday the 19th. We were able to get right into the heat of things showing up on Saturday when the tournament was really starting to get intense.

    With the Pop-a-shot set up we decided to have a giveaway based on who could get the most points in thirty seconds. We did 4+ main giveaways this weekend, with the winner of each getting a free pair of slides. This first contest ended in a tie between two middle schoolers, both of whom nailed thirty-one buckets in thirty seconds. One of the two picked a pair of slides on the spot, and went home happy with a fine pair of black on black lakers slides. The other decided to go the custom route, and waited to customize his own unique pair later. We made a lot of people happy our first day there, sending many home with new slides. We also talked to a number of new teams about getting custom orders done for the whole team as a season-ending gift, or as a start to next years season.

    The second day we wanted to mix things up, so we changed the giveaway plan to see who could get the best trick shot in, on camera. We posted all of those videos to our instagram for the world to decide which shot was the best. Our winner walked away in some brand new custom furs, and a deep sense of pride.

    All of the teams really showed up to play this weekend. We were so happy to get out there and be able to give some custom slides to the best of the best, while also getting to watch these incredible athletes perform. All in all, it was a good weekend for us too. A lot of new athletes are walking around in their own one of a kind slides and there are a number of whole teams either committed to, or are seriously considering, getting team orders for next season!


    Check out some of the pictures we captured! 


    This Blog Was Written By: 

    Kenny Lowell